Friday, May 3, 2013

April Goodies Co. Review

I am fairly confident that if you have been in the subscription box world for at least a couple months, that you have probably heard of Goodies Co. It is a Walmart Brand food and snack subscription box. Right now, it is one of the most popular boxes mostly due to the fact that is only $7.  It is one of the cheapest subscriptions out there, and who doesn't like food?  But the box does ship pretty slow, at least for me.

Goodies Co. is right now on a wait list.  You have to give your email address to wait for an invite, and then when you subscribe to the box, you usually have to wait two months to get your first box.  Apparently I cancelled in January, I didn't think I did, but that is what their website said.  Then I had to sign up again in February, so this is my first Goodies box in a LONG time.  Anyways, I was still looking forward to getting my goodies!

This month didn't have a definite theme, it was just called the spring box (even though the weather tricked me into believing that it was February).  I believe I recieved Box #6 this time.
Wai Lana Lime Chili Chips ($3)- These chips were probably my favorite thing out of the box.  The chips had an airy texture, and a lime-chili combo on practically anything is good in my taste. I don't know if I would buy more of these though, they just didn't blow me away that much.

White Chocolate Amaretto Cookies ($0.50)- This was OK, I just wish I tasted the white chocolate. It mostly just tasted like almond extract to me, and needed some more kick if it was supposed to taste like Amaretto   I buy similar things to these at Costco, except they come in a huge pack (like anything at Costco), and are filled with caramel! Yum. 

Riega Foods White Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix ($1.50)- I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like a great quick mac & cheese lunch to have on a weekend. Mac and cheese is always tasty, and I am expecting this to be even better than Kraft since it looks higher quality.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Zone Bar ($1??)- Zone bars taste a little too healthy to me, but my siblings pounced on this immediately.  Apparently some people are crazy for them. I found it odd that on the website it says this is a Taster Box Exlusive where it usually says the price.  That's why I couldn't find the value. What lies! I get these ALL the time at Target. Pssh, taster box exclusive, yeah OK.

Angie's Sweet and Salty Kettlecorn ($1.19)-  I got this at Costco a couple months ago, and proceeded to eat all the packs of this because it was so tasty! Not too sweet, just how I like it. But after eating the whole costco pack of like 30 bags, I feel like I never want to eat this again. But I am sure someone else will!

Green Giant Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips ($3.00)- Well I thought these were overall pretty flavorless.  They tasted like eating salted paper, there wasn't much sweet potato flavor. But I checked the reviews on the website and it seems like everyone loves them.. Weird. 

The total value of this box is $10.19. This value is actually pretty awesome considering that it is only a 7 dollar box. I didn't like some of the products, but I was happy overall, and it was definitely worth my seven dollars.

Verdict: With this box being so cheap, I don't see why you wouldn't subscribe!

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