Friday, May 31, 2013

Awesome Japanese Candy! Part 1- Kracie Popin Cookin Curry Rice Set

I love Japanese candy, mostly because I find it so different than the American variety.  Some are weird, some tasty, and some a little of both. I had an urge to order a bunch, so I did from this store. The store is owned by a Japanese youtube channel called Marimo Marshmallow, that specializes in candy videos. You can also purchase all the candy you see in their videos in their shop. Most things in the shop are around three dollars, which was cheaper than most of the sites I found, and I like supporting channels I enjoy.  

This candy series will be a seven part series that I do throughout the next week or two. I didn't think of starting it until I got my package, and thought some people would be curious about them.  Some of the candy I got is really weird, this is one of the weirder ones, since it actually is supposed to taste like curry, yeah, weird.  Stay tuned for more in this series! (drinking game: take a drink everytime I say something is "weird" lol)
Doesn't this look appetizing! (answer: no)
 Many of these candy sets have lots of powders and plastic things to mix the powder in!
Mixin' the rice. It kinda smelled like onions which kinda scared me. Rice isn't supposed to smell like onions. But I continued the mixing fighting the urge to run away.  But the scent grew on me. 
 More Mixing! This is the powder for the croquettes. This smelled like onions too, but was a little different.  I was used to the odor by now. 
 I am so creative with the shapes I turned the croquettes into aren't I. Yep just a triangle and a circle.  Can't you see the screen bursting because of an overflow of creativity? I know I can. 
 You were instructed to crush these little bead-like things and then coat the croquettes with the powder. I think this was supposed to add texture.  
 The croquettes all coated up.
 The infamous curry that actually tastes like curry. Not indian curry like most people would think, but Japanese. So this curry doesn't have much spice. You might be able to see that there are little vegetables in the liquid. Yes this was one of the packets.  The curry didn't smell bad though, so I wasn't dreading eating it. 
Doesn't this look tasty?

The Taste Test
Croquettes- These didn't have much flavor, but they weren't bad. I would describe them as onion play-dough. Poppin Cookin is known for having "interesting" textures. I can't decide if I like them or not though!

The rice- This also had a weird texture. Not like rice, but again, it wasn't bad.  Like onion fluff or something.  

Curry- I actually liked the taste of this!  It had a nice zing, per say, to it. I would like curry that actually tasted like this in large quantities!

All together- The curry flavor dominated everything when you had them all together, so I guess it was good.

Overall, this kit was really fun to make, especially with a group of friends (which I did). I would say that the prep is more fun than the eating, maybe, but neither part is bad. It tasted OK, and I wasn't expecting much, so I guess it exceeded my expectations.  

 Stay tuned for more awesome Japanese candy coming soon!


  1. This is considered candy? Looks like meal. So dumb question are the directions in Japanese only?

    1. this is kinda candy, but could be considered a super small meal. Most of my other things are more candy-like except for another savory one. And yep, all directions are in Japanese, but you can get a pretty good idea from all the pictures. If that's not enough there are many videos online of people making these.