Monday, June 24, 2013

Skoshbox Promotional Box Review + Coupon!

Skoshbox is a new Japanese monthly subscription box. Ever since dumpling box went under, I've felt this lack of asian stuff being delivered to me. The timing of this box was perfect! As you most likely know, I am a huge fan of Asian cultures. Not only do they send food and stuff, but they also send stationary, like fun pens and erasers! Each box also has a card with a description of every item. Even though I am not Japanese, this box still interested me a great deal. This box is $12 a month including shipping, and I think that is on the cheaper side of subscription boxes.

I really want them to send Japanese Kit-Kats. They are extremely different to the American Variant  They come in a bunch of flavors, like a LOT of flavors. I've had them before and they are awesome! But they are expensive, and shipping from Japan is also pricey. That brings me to the next part, why they started this box.

This box was founded by two close friends that have lived in Japan and the U.S throughout their lives. The two friends were basically surrounded by Japanese culture all the time.  They saw that access to a variety of Japanese stuff was not only scarce, but also quite pricey. So then bam! Skoshbox was born.

The staff of Skoshbox have created a coupon code for my readers! Use code ASNRVIEW19 at checkout and get a free mystery gift in your first box! Sounds like a good deal to me. But hurry, this coupon expires July 15th, the deadline for the first box, so get onto it!

 The boxes don't look like this yet, but I have to mention that I really like this logo. 
 First look
Look Green Tea Chocolate- MyChonny on youtube called these baby diarrhea candies on his recent video, haha. But that is besides the point, these chocolates are awesome. I really like the subtle, sweet flavor of green tea, and I didn't know how good it tasted with green tea! Inside it also has milk and azuki, adding to the creaminess.

(2) Kaki No Tane- These were pretty good. I liked the spicy rice crackers. The peanuts were a bit plain but tasted good with the crackers.

(2) Milk Hardcandy- Wow, these were surprisingly good. They tasted a lot like milkshakes, like the card described. I will probably buy more the next time I see them.

Orange Bubble Gum- This has a great orange flavor, but it ran out a little quickly.
(2) Umaibo- I think I got something similar in a dumpling box, but this was like a savory version of that. They apparently have a lot of  unique flavors. I want to try the natto (fermented soybeans), but it might be terrible. But the ones that I got were really good.

Choco Ball- These were pretty awesome. The card says they have an almond in the center but I thought it tasted more like a peanut. I initially though I wouldn't like it because of the nut, but it turned out to be not overpowering at all. It just added a bit of crunchiness.

Haichu- I eat the chinese variant of this ALL THE TIME. It is great. I never had this kind, but it was pretty similar, if not the same.
Koala's March- This was a lot like hello panda, but I think this had more chocolate!

Umaibo- This is pretty much a classic, and it is never disappointing. I really like savory/salty crackers and was craving some at the time; this hit the spot.

Beer Nuts- I got these instead of the Air-In eraser, but I am still happy with these.  They were peanuts with a weird kinda salty coating.  I am not sure if they have beer in them, but the red banner just says beer nuts.

Marble Chocolate- These are kinda like a Japanese version of M&M's (or smarties for any international people).  I think I liked these better because the chocolate just tasted better. It may have been darker, I just can't put my finger on the difference. But there definitely was a difference.

Overall, I was super impressed with this first box. If all the boxes are going to be as good as this one, or better, than I am a fan. It may seem like I am being overly nice on this review, but that is not the case; I honestly really liked this box. I would've payed the twelve bucks for it.

Verdict: I am definitely subscribing.

**I was provided this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this for free did not affect my opinions in any way. 


  1. Your coupon code does not work on the website - the message I am getting is "Coupon code does not exist"


    1. I had A typo sorry, it is ASNRVIEW19

    2. Thank you - that one worked! :)