Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Jungle Stand Tasting BAR Review

I am really liking. The Jungle Stand.  It is a tasting "BAR" that offers a unique tasting experience. Each BAR is priced at $9.92 a month, and I think that price is fair since I have never felt ripped off by them. This is my third box and I think this was my favorite box from them so far. . This box is really great for having fun with family and/or friends (party hard!). 

This month's theme was Taste of Taiwan. I was psyched about this theme. You all probably know now that I love asian food.  It is just way better than all other foods in my opinion. I probably sound super biased right now.

Sachima- This was fantastic. It was kinda like a rice krispy treat, but was really light and melted in your mouth. This had a strong caramel flavor.  But I really can't get over how great this was.  I am definitely buying it the next time I make a trip to the ole asian market.

Rice Cracker- I've gotten this in the Skoshbox Promo Box, and a past dumplingbox. It is pretty much a classic.  But this one is more sweet than savory.

Sesame Pastry- This was very similar to the banh cam I made recently (recipe here, it was really good. If you are confused on the name, just call them sesame balls). Except my banh cam had a bean filling, this was very airy in the middle.  But the flavor on the outside was the same. I also really liked the texture of this, very light.

Squid- I love squid! I eat squid jerky all the time with a spicy sauce. This tasted good, once you got past the fishy taste.  It is kinda sweet tasting, that's why I usually eat it with a spicy sauce. 

Pumpkin Cake- I got two of these, but I'm not complaining because they were awesome. The pumpkin flavor was very subtle.  I wouldn't describe it as a cake, but whatever.

Peanut Brittle- This was ok, I thought it was a bit hard.

Overall, I loved my June tasting bar, and it was definitely worth the ten bucks. My favorite thing was the Sachima, but the Sesame Pastry was a close second.

Verdict: Awesome Box.


  1. I am going to have to make the banh cam.... being foodies hooked on Asian food, but living in the middle of a cattle ranch in Texas with not even a grocery store, much less an Asian market... I would kill for a bowl of Pho for breakfast one morning...seriously I would (hubby grew up in Japan and I just love "good foods" from all over the world) anyway I am going to try and make your banh cam ... I will have to let you know how they turn out!

  2. Make sure to let me know! I thought they were pretty awesome. And I love some pho for breakfast. Luckily, I live by a Chinese place that sells authentic chinese food, and some vietnamese stuff like pho; their pho is the best in my state! It's always in the newspaper and stuff.