Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Gluten Free Conscious Box Review + Coupon

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service for people who have the desire to be more environmentally conscious, hence the name. I'd say the box isn't really for me, but I would think it would be great for people seeking to reduce their overall carbon footprint.  It is $19.99 a month, including shipping and handling, and can go lower with the three and six month plans.  

I got the Gluten Free box for variety sake, but my box seems to just be worse than others. For example last month, mine was just filled with samples. Everyone else got a free full sized earthpaste while I just got a sample. And I didn't get anything extra besides it.  And my conscious box mystery box had less stuff than others. Maybe they just have a bias towards me, but that's unlikely. 

Use Code FIRSTONEFREE to get your first box free, but you still have to pay $7.95 shipping and handling.  Yes it is kind of deceiving but it is still saving you money possibly. 

I'm not gonna list values for this because most of the stuff is samples. The value is probably around the cost of the box. But this box isn't really about value, it's about discovering new products.
 I told you they had a bias! Just kidding, but my box came all wet and stuff this month. I was assuming it was because of the rain, but then I realized that made no sense because the outer box wasn't wet.  But then I opened up the box to reveal the two culprits.  But this isn't that bad because conscious box is sending me a replacement box, so don't think about not subscribing because of this.
This Nature's Baby Bubble Bath was completely empty! So the whole thing just came out. But what I really don't understand is why there wasn't a safety seal on this. Maybe conscious box continued their bias against me and put poison in the bubble bath and that's why the seal wasn't there thus resulting in the leakage. 
The Sneakz Chocolate Milkshake also leaked! This one not as much, but some of the bubble bath got in and made it kinda soapy.
Blue Sage Naturals Sea Buckthorn Soap- I gave this to my sister and she was pleased.

2 Sleep Squares- Wow, these tasted nasty. At first it tasted like nice minty chocolate, but it was the aftertaste that got ya.  It was kinda weird and chemically. But it did help sleep, it just felt like melatonin. 

Chicken Poop Lip Balm- I guess they call it chicken poop to attract attention because they can't advertise on television. But I think it is a pretty good chap stick.

$50 Wine Gift Card from Naked Wines- I think I've gotten like five of these! But I've never used them because you have to spend money.

Four Organic flavrs in Superfruit Sport and Citrus Hibiscus- I love these things. I got them in this month's Love With Food, and loved them ever since! They remind me of mio, but a lot healthier. They taste really good, and not too healthy, which is a good quality in most cases. 
2 Skout Organic Trailbars- These are OK, they taste a little dry.  But I still ate them.

Rise Coconut Energy Bar- Energy in a tiny coconut flavored bar? Sounds good to me. Haven't tried it yet. But I definitely will.

Bottle Bright- This tablet thing is used for cleaning water bottles. The dishwasher often times leaves spots on water bottles, and some water bottles aren't dishwasher safe. Plus handwashing them is a pain. Bottle Bright removes that pain! I don't think I would buy this on a regular basis, but it is nice to try.

Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion-I gave this away, and they were pleased.

Son for men Soothe- This is awesome! It is supposed to help with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs kinda freak me out, so I really like this. 

Overall, I thought this box was kinda meh. Maybe I'll like it better without the water damage. Probably not that much. But this box really isn't for me. I am satisfied since I got this at 50% off but I will most likely cancel next month when my subscription expires. 

Verdict: Not the box for me, but it would be awesome for some. 

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