Saturday, June 1, 2013

Awesome Japanese Candy! Part 2- Meiji Fluffy Bubble Shake

Part two of my Japanese Candy series! This one is probably the simplest candy I got.  It only has two powders, and it takes almost no skill to make! If you are wondering, I purchased all of these from, a store owned by a Japanese youtuber, MarimoMarshmallow.

 I found the mascot of this to be slightly creepy.
Not many materials needed! 
 First, you were instructed to fill the plastic bowl with some water.  Then you add this wierd cotton candy like thing. It was a bit more silky than cotton candy, and dissolved super fast! Even faster than normal cotton candy I think.  I snuck a little piece of the cotton by itself and it tasted like really strong ramune (a japanese soda).
 After the cotton is dissolved, you add the white powder, and then it starts to look more like a "bubble shake." The powder tasted like lemon on its own.
This think rose up real high! It almost overflowed, and it would've probably if i mixed any more!

Taste Test
The shake tasted pretty good! It was like a really bubbly, foamy, ramune.  I would definitely have it again. 


  1. What is the bubbly powder coz I have cotton candy and I look what the powder was but I coudnt find anything

    1. for me it was the clear/green packet with the white powder inside. It was included in the packaging for me. Maybe you should contact whoever you bought if from to see what's up.