Monday, September 2, 2013


I know I said I would be posting more often and blah blah blah, sorry for not fulfilling that promise. It turns out that I haven't gotten any less busy yet, so the blog has just been an afterthought now. So now I am deciding to take a break. This blog break will last for about two months, a pretty long period of time. I can't wait to start reviewing for all of you again once the break is over! But now free time is just something I don't have much of at the moment (as you can see by this peice of crap post).
Thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Love With Food Review + 10$ coupon

I have been really loving Love With Food (referral link) lately. For their summer boxes, I think all of them have been a hit so far (this one was good too).  Love with food is a gourmet snack subscription box that has been around for awhile, well as far as subscription boxes go.  It is $12 a month, but the price goes down when you buy longer plans. This box is special because they donate a meal with every box, so that should make you feel awesome.  Every month has it's own theme and the past couple of boxes have been summer themed. This one was Backyard BBQ.

Get your first box free (pay shipping) with code FBGIFT2

 Look at dat angelic glow (aka light from the window).
El Pinto Medium All Natural Salsa ($0.75)- This was really awesome. I had a late night craving for salsa and this satisfied it completely..  It tasted really natural and better than most salsas I've had.  But I am pretty sure some people would find this too spicy.  I didn't think it was at all,  but I am used to spiciness at most levels.  My guess is that some subscribers aren't exactly used to a lot of spiciness.  But I loved it.

Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps ($0.75)- These were kinda like pea flavored cheetos, except they were mostly pea, and not some deep fried puff thing. I thought it was pretty good, but it didn't taste that much like peas.

Rip van Wafels Caramel Filled Waffle Cookie ($1.50)- This was also very good.  I love caramel, so I got excited at the mere sight of it.  There are very similar (almost the exact same) things at Costco, but there are like a million and they come in stacks.  
Some coupons

Aunt Sally's Original Creamy Praline ($2.50)- This was so tasty! It was super delicate for a praline, hence the creaminess, and it tasted very caramelly.  I kinda wish there were more pecans but I kind of don't since it might take away from the creaminess.

Project 7 Mints ($1)- I really like the test tube packaging on this.  As for the mints, they are pretty good.  I just wish they were a bit stronger, but that's just me. And the cause for this is cool, it's a donation in a donation!

Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin BBQ Seasoning ($1)- I had this on some asian chicken and noodles and it was delicious.  It added a big peppery kick to it, which was really nice. 
Awesome info card with picture

Sahale Snacks Fruit and Almond Crunchers ($1)- I really like Sahale Snacks. Mixed nuts usually aren't my thing, but these had some really nice flavors like sesame, cranberry, and honey.

BOPS Sea Salt Potato Crisp ($1)- I was pleasantly surprised with this. They were like your standard potato crisps, just a bit fluffier, and they actually tasted like potato (and they were healthier).  They weirdly enough reminded me of french fries. 

The total value of this box was about $10.  This is actually pretty great for this box and I liked all the products. I am not sure how a lot of them fit with the theme though. With the exception of the barbecue rub, I think this would be more of a picnic theme. But whatever, it was still awesome.
Verdict: This was a great box. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Candy Japan Review

Ugh, I am finally getting situated with the school year again, so I promise now I should be posting more. Not as much as I did in February, but more.. I will get less busy in the winter, but then I might have practice for a percussion group for over 24 hours a weekend! How crazy, now, on to the review!

As you all probably know by know, I have a small (gigantic) obsession with Japanese candy.  There's a subscription for that now! It is called Candy Japan is a bi-monthly candy subscription. Twice a month, they send you "interesting and delicious" candies in an envelope for you to try.  They say to expect 2-6 candies per month.  This subscription is $25 a month, so about $12.50 per envelope.

The owner of this subscription kindly sent me their last July shipment in exchange for an honest review. 

Okashina Mizuame- See below for a more detailed explanation.

Coris Whistle Candies- I've hear of these before and always wanted to try them. You simply put them in your mouth and blow, and the magic of science produces a really high-pitched whistle sound.  I'm sure this would get on someone's nerves, but I liked it since I am really bad at whistling.  I think it was soda flavored, and I really like soda flavored things because that is kinda a trademark of Japanese candy.  Soda flavored things taste kinda like a bubbly soda pop, or Ramune if you have had that. 

Does this look familiar to you if you have read my blog before? I bet it looks like some Awesome Japanese Candy!  This candy came with three different packets of flavored liquid sugar (basically) to mix together and stuff. The blue one was soda flavored, which I love, the yellow was lemon, and red was strawberry flavored. You start out by mixing one of the packets with another one in the plastic tray. You keep trying different flavor combos until you have all of the packets in the container.
After all of the liquid sugar is stirred, this is the final product.  I think the main thing about this candy is that it is supposed to taste like grape at the end.  It definitely did! I didn't know soda+lemon+strawberry=grape!
A lot of Japanese stuff in general comes with free bonuses.  The whistle candies came with a little box with this novelty ring.  This may be a nice surprise to some kids.

As for the value of this box, I am very confident that these candies didn't equal the $12.50. But then again, shipping is super expensive, and you are paying for things you can't get anywhere.  So I think it is a matter of personal opinion if it is worth the money.  For a candy addict like me, it would definitely be worth it. 

Verdict: I am definitely considering to sign up!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July/August Skoshbox Review

I'm not dead! This past week up until now has just been work.  My only free time has been at night.Hopefully I'll post more often again. 

Skoshbox is a new Japanese monthly subscription box. Ever since dumpling box went under, I've felt this lack of asian stuff being delivered to me. The timing of this box was perfect! As you most likely know, I am a huge fan of Asian cultures. Not only do they send food and stuff, but they also send stationary, like fun pens and erasers! Each box also has a card with a description of every item. Even though I am not Japanese, this box still interested me a great deal. This box is $12 a month including shipping, and I think that is on the cheaper side of subscription boxes.

This box was founded by two close friends that have lived in Japan and the U.S throughout their lives. The two friends were basically surrounded by Japanese culture all the time.  They saw that access to a variety of Japanese stuff was not only scarce, but also quite pricey. So then bam! Skoshbox was born.

 This month's box came with chopsticks! I have a bunch of matching chopsticks in a drawer so these would look weird with them. I'm sure they'll go to use though.  Skoshbox also includes an info card with a tidbit of information about each product; I always love it when boxes have these. 
Elise Stick- This was a wafer like stick filled with matcha green tea flavored filling. I love green tea flavored stuff, and this was no exception.  It was a nice light snack.

Mini Salad- This were rice crackers with a flavor based of salad dressing! Pretty tasty in my opinion. 

(2) Umaibo- These are flavored puffed corn sticks. Umaibo comes in a bunch of wacky flavors! The ones included were relatively mild, just cheese and corn. 
Fuwa Fuwa Jelly- The Japanese sure do like their jelly candies! This one had marshmallow and melon flavored jelly/jell-o.  I thought it was pretty tasty, but it got really sweet, almost too sweet.

Milk Caramel- Caramel is always welcome in my opinion. This wasn't the best thing I'd ever have, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

Melon gummy Candy- I think I got this in a Dumplingbox (discontinued) once! Or something similar. Like Jelly, the Asians also like melon flavored things.  I drink melon flavored milkis (milk flavored soda, yeah it sounds weird but I like it) and ramune (kinda like a japanese sprite) all the time! Oh and the gummy was pretty good.

Grape Gummy Candy- Like the melon flavor, grape is used in most asian stuff. It was also tasty.  
Cheese Kibun- Cheese flavored rice crackers? Sounds good to me.  I love cheese and most things relating to cheese, this was a delicious little snack.  Very flavorful.

Suzume no Tamago- This literally means "Sparrow's Egg." Just peanuts coated in a savory rice cracker shell. Savory rice crackers can make anything taste good! I usually don't like peanuts, but I did like this.

Almondrush- This was just white chocolate with a ton of almond slivers inside. I liked it a lot, more than I thought I would actually. The almonds had a nice flavor and added some texture to the otherwise mediocre white chocolate.

Verdict:  Overall, I really like Skoshbox. I think it was worth the twelve bucks and I will definitely stay subscribed. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bestowed Box Review + $5 coupon

Bestowed is a monthly healthy snack/food subscription box curated by a celebrity nutritionist named Heather Baur.  It is $19 a month including shipping, and you get your first month free if you sign up for an annual plan. They send 5-7 items each month, not including bonus things like recipes and things of that nature. Use code 5OFFBSTOWED01.  As you could probably tell by now, I have a slight obsession with food, so I was very happy when Bestowed gratuitously sent me this box to review. 
 It wasn't completely stuffed to the brim, but that is not necessarily a bad thing!
Hail Merry Almonds in Vanilla Maple ($2)- I love Hail Merry products! Their macaroons, and their almonds now too (not the granola).  These were pretty awesome, I never really thought about vanilla with almonds.

California Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($0.60)- Olive oil is something that will always go to use. And these are in little packets so I'll just use them for frying up some meat or something like that. The brand is what I get regularly anyways. 
KIND bar in Dark Chocolate Chili Almond ($2)- I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds tasty, because I like pretty much anything with a little kick.

Dr. Praeger's FREE ITEM coupon ($4)- Dr. Praeger's sells mostly veggie burgers I think. I've only had a veggie burger once in my life before, so I think they deserve another chance. Free coupons will always be used in my life.

Info booklet- I really like it when boxes include an info packet with descriptions of all the items. This one had really long descriptions, and even had some lifestyle tips on the back!
Mantiboba Hemp Hearts ($3)- I've gotten these in another box and they are pretty awesome. Hemp hearts are super healthy for you, I'll just add them to random things I eat.

Matt's Munchies Banana ($2)- My favorite item in the box! I would describe them as an fruit roll up for adults (even though I still eat them).  It came in a bunch of little bite-sized squares which was nice. And the flavor didn't taste artificially at all, just banana!

The total value of this box was about fourteen bucks. But this was just a review box, so I think it was just to see what kind of products they would send. I checked out reviews of the monthly box and all of them were above the $20 range, so that's nice. As for the products, I would say they are pretty awesome. All of them were/are going to be used very shortly. 

Verdict: I am debating if I should subscribe.

**I recieved this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review, getting it free didn't affect my opinions in any way. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Awesome Japanese Candy! Part 5- Kracie Popin' Cookin' Waffle Kit

Part four of my Japanese Candy series! This one is also one of the more complex ones, most of the Kracie and Popin Cookin ones have a lot more steps to them.I am still saving the sushi kit for last.  If you are wondering, I purchased all of these, a store owned by a Japanese youtuber, MarimoMarshmallow.

 I highly doubt my waffles will turn out as awesome looking as these. 
 All of the candies in for Poppin Cookin have a bunch of packets, plastic parts too. You are supposed to cut the plastic part into more parts buy cutting along the lines. 
 First you mix the big orange packet with some water in the provided compartment and get this weird dough stuff.  It had a really weird texture.  Then you squish them into a weird heart shaped waffle mold to get the waffles!
 I am most definietly not an expert in this. 
 Then you make the blueberries. You make them with the purple packet and some water. Then you pour your liquid in the blueberry molds and wait a couple seconds. I added too much water so, as you would expect, the blueberries weren't very solid. 
 More toppings! You make some whip cream and some sort of syrup with this more powders and more water! The picture above shows the whipped cream.  
Yeah, not nearly as good as the one on the packaging, but whatever.

Taste Test
The waffles- These weren't too great, but they weren't bad. I thought they tasted a little bit like soggy bread, but not really. It is really hard to describe.

The blueberries- These tasted like blueberry flavoring, which isn't' too bad in my book.

Syrup- This tasted kinda like normal strawberry syrup, yum!

Whipped cream- This actually tasted like whipped cream, which creeped me out to some extent.

Everything together- Pretty good! Really sweet and waffles! I would say most of the poppin cooking kits are more fun to make than eat, but they aren't bad to eat either!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Love With Food Review

I want to start out by saying that I think Love With Food has been doing a great job lately. At first I was kinda meh with them, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the past couple of boxes. Love with food is a gourmet snack subscription box that has been around for awhile, well as far as subscription boxes go.  It is $12 a month, but the price goes down when you buy longer plans. This box is special because they donate a meal with every box, so that should make you feel awesome.

Use code FBGIFT for two bucks of your first month (basically free shipping). I didn't feel right putting coupon in the title of the post since it is only for two bucks.

 This month's theme was "Under the Boardwalk." I think they're trying to go with fun summer themes for now. 
(The thing on the top is an info card detailing all the products in the box)

KuKuRuZa Gourmet Hawaiian Salted Caramel Popcorn ($3.00?)- Salted Caramel seems to be all the rage, and I love it! Salty and sweet make a perfect combo in my book.  This was a lot better than the popcorn they sent in another box, because you could actually taste salt in this one!

Uncle Henry's Handmade Pretzel ($0.50?)- This was like a giant version of mini pretzels (like Rold Gold).  I liked it, but I think it may have been too crunchy.
Lord Nut Levington Spicy Bloody Mary Peanuts ($1.17)- I haven't tried these yet, but it sounds terrific, I love spicy things.

Nature's Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar ($1.75)- These were awesome. Kinda like fig newtons, only better. The strawberry flavor was definitely noticeable, and really complimented the fig. 

RealSticks BBQ flavor ($0.82)- I was a slim jim addict as a child, and this was like a step up from them. It had an awesome smoky flavor.  
Twangerz Snack Toppings ($0.25)- This was probably the most interesting thing in the box. It is actually different flavors of salt. The ones I got were Lime, Chili Lime, Lemon Lime, and Pickle. I had the Lemon Lime on some popcorn with some ranch powder and it tasted awesome.  

Angel Mint Orange Salt Water Taffy ($0.72)- I really like salt water taffy. This was no exception. It was sweet, soft, and delicious.

Necco Wafers ($0.20)- I find it funny that it says "The original candy wafer" on the packaging. Because there are literally no other candy wafers out there. And Necco things aren't very good, just for the nostalgia.

Hello Fresh $25 off "gift card"-  I am not sure if they deliver to my state yet, so I'll see if I can put this to use. 

The total value of this box was $8.41. This was a pretty sub par value, but I loved the products and how they matched with the theme.  And the meal costs something I'm sure, but probably not $3.50.

Verdict: Pretty good although the value was lower than usual.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Awesome Japanese Candy! Part 4- Meiji Pizza Kit

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile  I've been pretty busy. Part four of my Japanese Candy series! This one is also one of the more simple ones. I am saving the best for last (the candy sushi kit).  If you are wondering, I purchased all of these, a store owned by a Japanese youtuber, MarimoMarshmallow.

 This mascot dude is on a couple other Meiji Products. 
 See, this one is pretty simple. Only five packets of stuff!
 First you gotta combine the blue and yellow packets together to make the dough.  The dough itself tased like lemon-lime soda, a lot of Japanese candies are flavored like that. I think it was supposed to taste like Ramune. Then you put it in the tray and make the dough into a circle. NOTE: This kit makes two pizzas, but I only showed one because there's no point in showing the other identical one.
 Then you mix some water with the red packet to make the sauce! At first it was really liquidy. After a couple of minutes, it got all jello-like.  It didn't taste like much on it's own really. 
Finally, you add the green packet full of "cheese" and the gummy toppings! At first the cheese was like a powder, but when you added it to the sauce, it crackled and made itself look like melted cheese. I thought that was pretty cool.  And apparently the Japanese like to put basil leaves and prawns on their normal pizza.

Taste Test
This tasted pretty good. It was mostly lemon soda/ramune flavored.  But that is not a bad thing at all.  The gummies tasted like a generic gummy, and the cheese had more lemon flavor. The cheese also crackled like pop rocks in your mouth. Overall, I liked making this set and eating it!  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

June Goodies Co. Review

Goodies Co. is a pretty awesome snacky subscription box owned by Walmart. The reason for its excellence and success, in my opinion, is how cheap it is. Every box comes at the very reasonable price of $7 including shipping!  This is a box that comes a bit later in the month, around the 20th.  Goodies hasn't been around for too long, but they already feel like a veteran box, probably since they have marketing geniuses working for them.  You get points for providing feedback about the product that you can use to buy full-size products in their shop.

There are some little downsides to goodies. You have to wait 2-4 weeks to be able to subscribe.  You first sign up for an invite, then play the waiting game.  And the only other negative I can think of is that the website slows down all mobile devices A LOT. Like my text doesn't show up until five seconds after I've typed it. But that isn't something I would unsubscribe for by any means. 

Pringles Stix Cheese ($2)- These were pretty good. They tasted like pretz with a cheeto-like coating. I at it pretty quickly.

Dream Water ($2.50)- Dream water works pretty well, but that's because it is basically Melatonin. I already take melatonin every night, and this felt the exact same. The only differences being you can drink the water, but the price is a lot higher.

Gimme Honey Dijon Seaweed Snacks ($1.66)- I love seaweed, a lot actually.  But the flavor on this wasn't too fantastic. I think mustard and seaweed just aren't supposed to be together. Maybe it would've tasted better on a salad or something of that variety.

Highland all butter Shortbread Cookies ($1.08)- I went to Scotland a couple years back, and they sold shortbread like this everywhere.  That being said, it wasn't as good as the stuff in Scotland but it was quite tasty. 

Smooch Fruit Snack ($2) - I don't know why this was called a fruit snack, I would say it is more of a smoothie. But I really enjoyed this. It was thick, fruity, and I think it was healthy too. There were some banana lumps, which aren't a negative to me at least. 

Lays Stax Adobadas ($2)- Adobadas means marinated, and Que Rico is how rich.  Not sure how that makes sense, maybe just rich marinated. But these tasted pretty good. I just wish they were spicier.

The value of this box was about $11.24. I am pretty happy with this value, since the box was only seven bucks. I used all of the products in here too, and was happy with all of them. 

Verdict: Great box. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mommy Splurge Custom Box

Well awhile back, Brandy over at MommySplurge expressed an interest in a towel that I got in a Loot Crate. One thing led to another and I sold it to her, and I included a bunch of bonus stuff with the towel. Then she decided to be extra nice and send me back some bonus stuff. I thought that was pretty awesome of her. 
Apparently she went for an Asian theme, pretty cool.

Colon Blast- Lol, she just sent this because she found it hilarious. And it did give me some laughs.  I don't even know the point of it. Is it for constipation, or just other intestinal problems? The world may never know.

Yes to Cucumber Sunscreen- Sunscreen is something I will always use. Even though I don't get sunburned, I still don't want skin cancer.

Roasted Seaweed- This was awesome. Brandy was complaining about how she hated seaweed and I said I loved it. So that's probably why it was in the box. Needless to say I enjoyed it, a lot.

Naturebox mandarin garlic peas- At first I thought these were wasabi peas, but I was mistaken. They are really tasty garlic flavored peas. Really crunchy and great.  But you need a couple of breath mints after eating them.

Uni Ball Pens- Pens are also something that always go to use.  And I use them quite frequently.  Same goes for losing them, I need a constant supply of pens.  

2 Hillside Hard Candies- I also mentioned that I liked these in my Love with Food Review.  And  I was happy to see them in the box, I ate them immediately.

Multi-Seed Crackers- Crackers are pretty awesome, because they taste good with anything savory. I ate them for a small snack with some cheese the same day.

Xyloburst Green Tea Gum- These taste like the best thing ever at first.  I love green tea a lot, so these were a hit. My only complaint was how long the flavor lasted.
This box traveled to me on a magic carpet!

Verdict- I thought it was really awesome of Brandy to send me back some stuff.  I enjoyed all of the items and I could tell a lot of thought was put in the curation of this box. Thanks a lot!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Loot Crate Review

Loot crate is a really popular geek/gamer subscription box.  This box has gained a considerable following over the year (almost) it has been out.  Part of the reason for that, I believe, that this box is very unique.  Although there is another box that in the same category of it called booty bin. I predict more to come like Loot Crate.

Well, anyways, this box costs $19.37 a month including shipping. They ship on the 20th of each month, and their boxes usually ship pretty fast to me (priority mail I think).  Each month, one subscriber will win a "Mega Crate," which is filled with over $250 worth of value! I really hope someday I will get a mega-crate to review. 

This month's theme was mash-up. So it supposedly has two unrelated geeky things and they get well, mashed together.

 I had a  hard time putting this all together. 

Dead Pool-aid Tee ($22)- This shirt really isn't my style. My dad liked it but sadly it didn't fit him because I set the shirt size to my size. 
Bic 2 in 1 Stylus Pen ($6)- This fits the mashup theme pretty well. I just don't think I would ever use this. This is because I don't ever use styluses, ever really. I don't see the point of them, unless you are playing draw something.

Loot Crate Wall Tangram ($7.50)- This is kinda neat. But my arrangement on my wall didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to. But the good part about this is that you can take it down and put it back up whenever.

Comikaze %20 off Coupon- I'm not geeky enough to go to Comikaze, so this will probably go to waste. The code was LOOTCRATE if anyone wants to use it.
Loot Crate Bot Sticker($0.50)- I really have no place to put stickers. And this bot kinda creeps me out.

(2) Warhead Candies ($0.50)- I am super resistant to sour candies because I at an eff ton of warheads once. That being said, these are still good.  Pretty much a classic.

Help a Brother Out Sticker ($0.50)- Everyone else got only one of these, hmmmm. But as I mentioned before, I don't have a place to stick these.

Loot Crate 8-bit Sunglasses ($5)- They sent these in different colors in the second 8-bit themed crate.  But I look pretty dang weird in these, but I know someone who may like them. 

The total value of this box was $42. Daang, the second highest all-time value of loot crate. The first crate had one over $50, and that may have made all subsequent boxes a disappointment.  I am honestly getting bored with this subscription. But I AM NOT saying I hate it. This box will make people a very happy camper every month, it may be the highlight of their month. It just isn't for me.

Verdict: I cancelled, maybe I'll want it in the future. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Jungle Stand Tasting BAR Review

I am really liking. The Jungle Stand.  It is a tasting "BAR" that offers a unique tasting experience. Each BAR is priced at $9.92 a month, and I think that price is fair since I have never felt ripped off by them. This is my third box and I think this was my favorite box from them so far. . This box is really great for having fun with family and/or friends (party hard!). 

This month's theme was Taste of Taiwan. I was psyched about this theme. You all probably know now that I love asian food.  It is just way better than all other foods in my opinion. I probably sound super biased right now.

Sachima- This was fantastic. It was kinda like a rice krispy treat, but was really light and melted in your mouth. This had a strong caramel flavor.  But I really can't get over how great this was.  I am definitely buying it the next time I make a trip to the ole asian market.

Rice Cracker- I've gotten this in the Skoshbox Promo Box, and a past dumplingbox. It is pretty much a classic.  But this one is more sweet than savory.

Sesame Pastry- This was very similar to the banh cam I made recently (recipe here, it was really good. If you are confused on the name, just call them sesame balls). Except my banh cam had a bean filling, this was very airy in the middle.  But the flavor on the outside was the same. I also really liked the texture of this, very light.

Squid- I love squid! I eat squid jerky all the time with a spicy sauce. This tasted good, once you got past the fishy taste.  It is kinda sweet tasting, that's why I usually eat it with a spicy sauce. 

Pumpkin Cake- I got two of these, but I'm not complaining because they were awesome. The pumpkin flavor was very subtle.  I wouldn't describe it as a cake, but whatever.

Peanut Brittle- This was ok, I thought it was a bit hard.

Overall, I loved my June tasting bar, and it was definitely worth the ten bucks. My favorite thing was the Sachima, but the Sesame Pastry was a close second.

Verdict: Awesome Box.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Subscription Box Coupons! Skoshbox, Brobox, and Bulu Box!

Well a bunch of sub box coupons just came out so I thought I would share them with my readers!

Bulu Box is a health and wellness/supplement subscription. They are offering a year's subscription for only $70! That is $50 off!  Use code EUREKA at checkout. But hurry, the coupon expires the June 30th! 
Check out Bulu Box reviews here.

Brobox is a pretty interesting box. It is obviously geared towards males, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for women. This is what they say they give :

  • Next level personal care stuff
  • Snacks that you probably never heard of
  • Energy stuff that might get you hooked
  • New apps, games, tech and more…

Use Code GoBroGo at checkout to get a FREE Brobox, just pay $6.45 shipping (originally $14.95). But this expires after the first 200 "Bros" use it. 

Skoshbox is a new Japanese cultural box! It sends stationery, food, and more!
Use code ASNRVIEW19 at checkout for a free mystery gift in your first box! Expires July 15th. Check out my review of this here

June Treatsie Review

There's really not much to explain about Treatsie.  It is a monthly box that sends you awesome candies for $15 a month.  Candy is always good so I thought, hey, why not subscribe.  But that is honestly all I can say about it right now. Anyways, on to the box!

 This was the size of your average box of chocolates. 
(3) Liddabit Sweets Fig-Ricotta Caramels ($1.74)- Mmmmmmm. These were really great.  Let's start out with the texture. It was super soft and melted in your mouth. And the fig/ricotta flavor wasn't overpowering at all and actually tasted really good. I want more.

Lambrecht Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee ($6.50)- This was ok in my opinion, as I thought it was a little hard. But I gave it to my sister and she wouldn't stop eating it!

(3) Liddabit Sweets Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels ($1.74)- These were also amazing! I liked how much salt was in it. And I've never had chocolate caramel before this.

Liddabit Sweets Barley Tea and Honey Lollipop ($1.25)- This was ok, it just tasted like honey to me.

(4) Itty Bitty Askinosie Chocolate Bars ($8)- These were way better than your average everyday dark chocolate. It tasted so chocolatey it was almost fruity, in a weird but good way.  You are probably wondering why I have ten pictured but I only put four in the value.  That's because I didn't get any of these bars in my original box so they sent another box with ten of them. Everyone else only got four, so that's the explanation for the value.  They also sent some bonus chocolate caramel.

The total value of this box was $19.23. This was a pretty good value considering I consumed everything they had to offer.

Verdict: This was a pretty good box.