Sunday, July 7, 2013

June Goodies Co. Review

Goodies Co. is a pretty awesome snacky subscription box owned by Walmart. The reason for its excellence and success, in my opinion, is how cheap it is. Every box comes at the very reasonable price of $7 including shipping!  This is a box that comes a bit later in the month, around the 20th.  Goodies hasn't been around for too long, but they already feel like a veteran box, probably since they have marketing geniuses working for them.  You get points for providing feedback about the product that you can use to buy full-size products in their shop.

There are some little downsides to goodies. You have to wait 2-4 weeks to be able to subscribe.  You first sign up for an invite, then play the waiting game.  And the only other negative I can think of is that the website slows down all mobile devices A LOT. Like my text doesn't show up until five seconds after I've typed it. But that isn't something I would unsubscribe for by any means. 

Pringles Stix Cheese ($2)- These were pretty good. They tasted like pretz with a cheeto-like coating. I at it pretty quickly.

Dream Water ($2.50)- Dream water works pretty well, but that's because it is basically Melatonin. I already take melatonin every night, and this felt the exact same. The only differences being you can drink the water, but the price is a lot higher.

Gimme Honey Dijon Seaweed Snacks ($1.66)- I love seaweed, a lot actually.  But the flavor on this wasn't too fantastic. I think mustard and seaweed just aren't supposed to be together. Maybe it would've tasted better on a salad or something of that variety.

Highland all butter Shortbread Cookies ($1.08)- I went to Scotland a couple years back, and they sold shortbread like this everywhere.  That being said, it wasn't as good as the stuff in Scotland but it was quite tasty. 

Smooch Fruit Snack ($2) - I don't know why this was called a fruit snack, I would say it is more of a smoothie. But I really enjoyed this. It was thick, fruity, and I think it was healthy too. There were some banana lumps, which aren't a negative to me at least. 

Lays Stax Adobadas ($2)- Adobadas means marinated, and Que Rico is how rich.  Not sure how that makes sense, maybe just rich marinated. But these tasted pretty good. I just wish they were spicier.

The value of this box was about $11.24. I am pretty happy with this value, since the box was only seven bucks. I used all of the products in here too, and was happy with all of them. 

Verdict: Great box. 

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