Saturday, July 20, 2013

Awesome Japanese Candy! Part 5- Kracie Popin' Cookin' Waffle Kit

Part four of my Japanese Candy series! This one is also one of the more complex ones, most of the Kracie and Popin Cookin ones have a lot more steps to them.I am still saving the sushi kit for last.  If you are wondering, I purchased all of these, a store owned by a Japanese youtuber, MarimoMarshmallow.

 I highly doubt my waffles will turn out as awesome looking as these. 
 All of the candies in for Poppin Cookin have a bunch of packets, plastic parts too. You are supposed to cut the plastic part into more parts buy cutting along the lines. 
 First you mix the big orange packet with some water in the provided compartment and get this weird dough stuff.  It had a really weird texture.  Then you squish them into a weird heart shaped waffle mold to get the waffles!
 I am most definietly not an expert in this. 
 Then you make the blueberries. You make them with the purple packet and some water. Then you pour your liquid in the blueberry molds and wait a couple seconds. I added too much water so, as you would expect, the blueberries weren't very solid. 
 More toppings! You make some whip cream and some sort of syrup with this more powders and more water! The picture above shows the whipped cream.  
Yeah, not nearly as good as the one on the packaging, but whatever.

Taste Test
The waffles- These weren't too great, but they weren't bad. I thought they tasted a little bit like soggy bread, but not really. It is really hard to describe.

The blueberries- These tasted like blueberry flavoring, which isn't' too bad in my book.

Syrup- This tasted kinda like normal strawberry syrup, yum!

Whipped cream- This actually tasted like whipped cream, which creeped me out to some extent.

Everything together- Pretty good! Really sweet and waffles! I would say most of the poppin cooking kits are more fun to make than eat, but they aren't bad to eat either!


  1. OMG this is crazy! i want to put together a kit for my niece's birthday but maybe i should just get a skoshbox instead.

    1. I wonder if these will be sent in an Asian box, I hope so!

  2. I made the sushi kit a few months back. I didn't follow instructions properly (because I can't read Japanese). They were fun to make, but they weren't very good.

    1. Mine turned out pretty OK. I thought the texture of the rice was weird, but overall it tasted pretty good. I followed the directions well (with the help of google translate) and I can see how it may be confusing if one doesn't know how to speak/read/write Japanese.