Saturday, July 13, 2013

Awesome Japanese Candy! Part 4- Meiji Pizza Kit

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile  I've been pretty busy. Part four of my Japanese Candy series! This one is also one of the more simple ones. I am saving the best for last (the candy sushi kit).  If you are wondering, I purchased all of these, a store owned by a Japanese youtuber, MarimoMarshmallow.

 This mascot dude is on a couple other Meiji Products. 
 See, this one is pretty simple. Only five packets of stuff!
 First you gotta combine the blue and yellow packets together to make the dough.  The dough itself tased like lemon-lime soda, a lot of Japanese candies are flavored like that. I think it was supposed to taste like Ramune. Then you put it in the tray and make the dough into a circle. NOTE: This kit makes two pizzas, but I only showed one because there's no point in showing the other identical one.
 Then you mix some water with the red packet to make the sauce! At first it was really liquidy. After a couple of minutes, it got all jello-like.  It didn't taste like much on it's own really. 
Finally, you add the green packet full of "cheese" and the gummy toppings! At first the cheese was like a powder, but when you added it to the sauce, it crackled and made itself look like melted cheese. I thought that was pretty cool.  And apparently the Japanese like to put basil leaves and prawns on their normal pizza.

Taste Test
This tasted pretty good. It was mostly lemon soda/ramune flavored.  But that is not a bad thing at all.  The gummies tasted like a generic gummy, and the cheese had more lemon flavor. The cheese also crackled like pop rocks in your mouth. Overall, I liked making this set and eating it!  

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