Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mommy Splurge Custom Box

Well awhile back, Brandy over at MommySplurge expressed an interest in a towel that I got in a Loot Crate. One thing led to another and I sold it to her, and I included a bunch of bonus stuff with the towel. Then she decided to be extra nice and send me back some bonus stuff. I thought that was pretty awesome of her. 
Apparently she went for an Asian theme, pretty cool.

Colon Blast- Lol, she just sent this because she found it hilarious. And it did give me some laughs.  I don't even know the point of it. Is it for constipation, or just other intestinal problems? The world may never know.

Yes to Cucumber Sunscreen- Sunscreen is something I will always use. Even though I don't get sunburned, I still don't want skin cancer.

Roasted Seaweed- This was awesome. Brandy was complaining about how she hated seaweed and I said I loved it. So that's probably why it was in the box. Needless to say I enjoyed it, a lot.

Naturebox mandarin garlic peas- At first I thought these were wasabi peas, but I was mistaken. They are really tasty garlic flavored peas. Really crunchy and great.  But you need a couple of breath mints after eating them.

Uni Ball Pens- Pens are also something that always go to use.  And I use them quite frequently.  Same goes for losing them, I need a constant supply of pens.  

2 Hillside Hard Candies- I also mentioned that I liked these in my Love with Food Review.  And  I was happy to see them in the box, I ate them immediately.

Multi-Seed Crackers- Crackers are pretty awesome, because they taste good with anything savory. I ate them for a small snack with some cheese the same day.

Xyloburst Green Tea Gum- These taste like the best thing ever at first.  I love green tea a lot, so these were a hit. My only complaint was how long the flavor lasted.
This box traveled to me on a magic carpet!

Verdict- I thought it was really awesome of Brandy to send me back some stuff.  I enjoyed all of the items and I could tell a lot of thought was put in the curation of this box. Thanks a lot!


  1. I can't believe you knew that was a magic carpet. I had to ask my daughter WTF it was. I thought it was a picture frame. The kids have been trashing my house all week playing magic carpet. So far they absconded with (and unrolled) an entire roll of gift wrap (the nice Costco kind), pulled out all the towels, etc. etc.

    I also feel the need to point out that the crackers contained sesame seeds. I ran out of Asian-themed stuff so that's why you got Uni-ball. I'm kind of an OfficeMax Rewards freak too. :)

    1. At first I was a little confused on what it was. Then I just thought a magic carpet was the most logical thing. I was a little confused about the crackers and pens, but now I'm not. Oh and by the way, I finally claimed the payment on paypal, took me long enough.

    2. Yay! I didn't even notice :) I still have the gift wrap. Going to use it for birthday stuff.

      Anyways, in every box there is an oddball item, no?