Friday, April 26, 2013

April Jungle Stand Tasting BAR Review

The Jungle Stand is a new-ish subscription box unlike any that I have heard of.  Each month they send you what is called a tasting BAR, six different bite-sized samples for you to taste, and more importantly, experience. This box costs $9.92 a month and is billed on the 1st of each month. The shipping is different for everyone, they start shipping the first week, and don't stop until all orders have been fulfilled.  I love food, and interesting flavors, so I was quick to jump on this subscription box!

This is what they say about themselves:
We are an original taste-ing BAR.
And every month the BAR will offer bitesized
samples for taste-ing.
It’ll be a very unique experience for surecertainly
one you’ve never had before. 
Perhaps odd  maybe even strange at times, but
always delightful. 
So take a taste and enjoy! 
This will be YOUR adventure.

 This box was bigger than expected, but I don't know what other box to compare it to!
They give a big info card about all the samples in the box, and say how to taste them. In this box, because it had a treasure hunt theme, had one food that was considered the "Diamond of the Kitchen." They encouraged you to guess which one it was, and there was an "X" at the bottom of the box that said which one was!
P.S, these pictures make the food look really ugly and unappetising  but I promise you that most of it was quite tasty and fresh.

Stuffed Mushrooms- These were one of my favorite things in the box. They were jumbo mushrooms sorted in canola oil and stuffed with a cream cheese and red pepper mixture.  The mushroom had a very strong flavor, which was supposed to be umami (savory), and it definitely was.  It almost tasted like meat.  The cream cheese mix added a really nice creamy flavor the da shrooms. 

Truffle and Cheese Stuffed Olives-  These were the the "Diamond in the Kitchen."  I love truffle a lot, but I didn't really like these.  Something was just off putting about the flavor to me. 
Blue Cheese Olives-  These were green olives stuffed with a zesty bleu cheese.  These were pretty tasty.  I used to avoid bleu cheese like the plague, but I am starting to appreciate its flavor.  So these were pretty dang good in my opinion.

Pepperballs- Sweet picante peppers imported from South Africa stuffed with cream cheese and moistened with canola oil. These peppers were my favorite thing in the box! The peppers themselves were slightly sweet and slightly hot.  And again, the cream cheese added some nice creaminess.
Red Mini Peppers- Red peppers cut into small tips and stuffed with cream cheese.  I think we should rename this box "The olives, and miscellaneous things stuffed with cream cheese. But these peppers were delicious.  The card recommended eating them with crackers, and they also provided some.  On top of the crackers are these provided tweezer things that I used to eat all the samples in the box.  I thought it was pretty handy that they included these extras.

Greek Olives- The third olive in the box! Good thing I love olives, and these were no exception   The little feta cheese chunks you may see were tasty also, and the flavor from those transferred into the olives a little and gave them a cheesy tone to them.  
This was the front of the card

Overall, I loved my first Jungle Stand Box! It was a very unique experience to try everything.  If this box didn't sound like your cup of tea because of all the olives and peppers, don't worry because I know they change their boxes up a lot.  Last month's box was something like "Bakers of the world," and it had a bunch of sweet treats.  I will definitely keep this box!

Verdict- This box was awesome! Very unique also. I would definitely recommend it!


  1. I've been wanting to try this box so I'm so glad you reviewed it. Also I'm glad I didn't order it because I don't like olives or mushrooms. I can't wait to see what you get next month.

    1. I am looking forward to next month too! I didn't mention this much in the post, but I also love the price of this box. I heard they did a chocolate themed box two months ago. But I must say, this box would've been terrible if you didn't like olives.

  2. YES the Pepperballs were AMAZING lol I'm glad I found this box :)

    1. I know!! So tasty. This box is a great deal and I'm super excited for future ones.