Monday, April 29, 2013

April Loot Crate- Token Review

Loot crate is a really popular geek/gamer subscription box.  This box has gained a considerable following over the year (almost) it has been out.  Part of the reason for that, I believe, that this box is very unique.  Although there is another box that copied was influenced by Loot Crate, called Booty Bin. As you can probably tell, the names are quite similar.  I contacted Loot Crate about this and, they said he founder of Booty Bin was, at one point, a subscriber of Loot Crate. Peculiar...

Well, anyways, this box costs $19.37 a month including shipping. They ship on the 20th of each month, and their boxes usually ship pretty fast to me (priority mail I think).  Each month, one subscriber will win a "Mega Crate," which is filled with over $250 worth of value! I really hope someday I will get a mega-crate to review.  I won't count on it though, since they have way more subscribers, and the number keeps growing, along with my chances *sigh*.This months box was an arcade theme called "token."  I loved arcades as a child, so I was looking forward to this box more than other months.  
 I love the design on these boxes!
Street Fighter Mini Series Blind Box ($10)- Ah, Street Fighter, I never completely knew how to play you, I just basically button-mashed everything.  Nevertheless, it was still fun. This little box contained a mini figurine of a street fighter character with different rarities for each character.  It's a mystery box in a mystery box!

Collectible Mushroom Kingdom Racing ($7??)- I can't find this anywhere online except other Loot Crate Reviews! But this bag thing is pretty awesome.  I used to play Mario Kart all the time (and sometimes still do).  But I also remember not being very good at it... Well then, I still like the bag.
Street Fighter Enamel Keychain Blind Bag ($5)- As I said above, Street Fighter is awesome.  Sadly, I don't use key chains very often.

8-Bit Zombie Arcade Token ($3)-  Arcade tokens were always something I couldn't get enough of.  I mean, did anyone ever say they had too many arcade tokens in an arcade. I think not. But I don't know what to do with this, but it sure has that nostalgia factor.

Retro Game Candy- I am not going to count this in the value since it's probably super cheap. I think these were here for mostly the nostalgia factor, and boy did this give me nostalgia. I love both of these candies, even if they don't taste the best, I still like them for some reason.

An arcade ticket from Loot Crate- We are supposed to keep this code because throughout this week, Loot Crate will give out prizes. Fingers Crossed!

Space Invaders Candy With Collectible Tin ($7)-  Space invaders was always a weirdly addicting game to me.  I didn't really like to play it, but I just couldn't stop.  Anyways, more shtuffs to put in my little Loot Crate collection. 
 The Front of the Tin
This was the figurine I got.  This figurine is put in 1 in every 20 boxes, so not the most rare, but not the least by far. 

The Keychain I got (Chun-Li vs. Vega)

The total value of this box is about $32. This is a pretty great value considering that one wouldn't find many of these things in an average grocery store.  I have been loving my loot crates lately and I plan to stay subscribed!

Verdict- Loot Crate is awesome!


  1. lol wow the founder of Booty Bin used to be a Looter? Hmm welcome to the Loot fam! You should get the app if you don't already have it :)

    1. Oh Hai dere. Booty bin actually might be a box I subscribe to in the future. You may as well start a similar box since the market for it is huge. Yeah I have the app, it's wierd that they're the only box that had one.