Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Yumvelope Review

Yumvelope is a monthly subscription service for gourmet snacks.  As you probably know by now, I love me some snacks. 

At first you can get one box for $21.00 plus $3 shipping.  They won't sign you up for a subscription automatically so that is nice.  Then you can subscribe for a month to moth subscription for just $21 a month. You can even purchase a six month subscription for $126 which includes some sort of  bonus shipment.  I am guessing it is a bonus month but I am not sure.

Another cool feature of this box is that they donate a meal every month like Love With Food. That is always a clear selling point for me, so I think they should market that aspect of the box more.  Most people probably don't even know that they do that.

 Yippee, granola..., but all the other things look good!
Impact Foods Granola in Maple Oat ($4.85)-  Oh boy, more granola, because I don't have any other granola and I drastically need more (sarcasm).  Well, it tastes like pretty much every granola that ever existed, but at least it goes to a great cause so there is a double donation with this Yumvelope!
Alter Eco Dark Velvet and Dark Noir Chocolate ($3.38)-  These chocolates tasted pretty high quality and ha nice cocoa flavor to them.  

Awesome Bar in Cobnut Pecan ($3)-  I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds  yummy.  

(2) La-Dee-Dahs ($5.50)-  These were the highlight of the box for sure!  They were swirls of white chocolate nougat and sea salt caramel hand dipped in dark chocolate mad by a French Pastry School graduate.  What else can I say, super amazing in my opinion. 

2 Stash Green Tea Bag- I don't know why I received this, it wasn't on the card thing, so I didn't put it in the value.  Now I have more Stash tea, yay. 

The total value of this box $16.73, which is pretty low for this box.  It is OK with me since they donate a meal, and other boxes have been pretty high in value.

Verdict: This month may have been a little sub-par, but this It is still a good box overall.

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