Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Ashton Kutcher A+ Fancy Box

The A+ box Plus is a kinda new fancy box subscription curated by Ashton Kutcher. This fancy subscription was the first one to be celebrity curated I believe. I think there are a total of 7 subscriptions offered by now!

Ashton said that he was curating "the dopest stuff on Fancy." And each box is promised to have at least an $80 dollar value. I don't quite understand how the shipping on fancy subsriptions work, but I am sure someone does. A lot of the times boxes ship late, but that isn't too big of a deal in my opinion. My box came a little later than other people's that I know of.

This box costs 40$ a month plus shipping. All fancy boxes (except the food one), ship internationally, so shipping costs varies. It was around $7. There are almost always $25 off coupons for the fancy, and the one working right now is 25OFF6. Depending on when you are reading this, it could change to 7, 8, etc.
I like how fancy sends info cards about everything in the box, and I really like the cube box!

Pilot and Captain Tokyo Shirt ($32)- I am really glad that this fits me, because the design of it is pretty cool. I asked fancy why they automatically sent me a men's large, and they replied by asking me my shirt size, gender, and mobile device. So if you plan on buying a fancy box, make sure to tell them that!

Winestein ($20)- This is really interesting. It's kinda wierd to me, because don't people want to feel classy when drinking wine? Maybe not, but this feels super thin, and I am scared of it breaking constantly. In fact, there was a little crack in it, so I contacted fancy, and they gave me a $25 gift card which I paired with the $25 off code to get the Verbal Fancy Box and the Tyler Florence ones for about $18!
2 Duke Cannon Big @ss Bricks of Soap ($7 each)- These soap bars are actually pretty big. About 3x normal bars, so they make really loud sounds when you drop them in the shower. I really like the scent on these also.
C.I.A Manual of Trickery and Deception ($15)- This book seems interesting, so I'll read it eventually.

The total value of this box is about $80 dollars, so the value is pretty good. I wasn't blown away by this box, but I did like most of its contents.

Verdict- It is kind of a gamble, but at least try it once.


  1. I have been so curious about this box. Looks like it was better than the Pink one.Thanks for the info on the Tyler Florence box, I had no idea it even existed.

    1. Yeah this box was pretty good. I am excited for the florence box, I'm expecting it to be like cooking and food things, and i guess fancy cant mess up on sizes for those.

  2. my husband really liked this box (sent everything up but the winestein). i will check it in case it has an issue too. i didn't open it yet. i am lazy :)


    1. Yeah it was pretty good, but I noticed some normal fancy box subscribers got a shirt very similar to this one. Check out that winestien!