Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Fancy Box Food Review

The Fancy Food box is a monthly subscription service offered by the Fancy currently offers several subscription boxes. The normal one, Ashton Kutcher, P!nk, and Coca Rocha Boxes. I stumbled across a coupon on for $25 off one box (not available any more). I decided to get the food box because I am a full fledged foodie.

This fancy box regularly costs $39 monthly plus shipping. For me shipping was only $2, so with the coupon code I only paid $17 dollars for this box. The contents of this box were so awesome, I want to keep my subscription. Even though I was a little skeptical at first, this box was totally awesome!

I also wanted to mention how fast this box shipped! I got a shipping notification email Friday night and got the box Saturday morning! Really nice surprise!

The contents of the box with retail value:

Toasted Almond Biscotti by Biscottie Di Vechio ($9.95)- This came with 8 pieces of fairly large biscotti! The only ingredients in this were flour, sugar, lemon zest, and almonds. I am usually not a huge fan of biscotti, but this was really good. You could really taste all the ingredients.

The Tropical by The Brooklyn Salsa Company ($7)- I had a gigantic bag of tortilla chips I just bought, so this fancy box came just in time. It is pretty good for a less chunky salsa. I really liked the addition of fruits like oranges and coconut milk.

Passion Flower Serenitea ($15)- Ah, what food subscription box would be complete without tea! I haven't tried this yet but it seems interesting. It isn't caffeinated so I can drink it before bed.

Qginger Ginger Ale ($2 when bought in a pack of 24)- Dangit Fancy Box! I might never be able to drink "normal" ginger ale ever again! I love ginger ale and this was fantastic. It had a pretty strong ginger taste unlike other ginger ales. It wasn't too sweet either. I couldn't drink it all in one sitting because the ginger taste was really strong, but in a good way.

Qkola Cola ($2 when bought in pack of 24)- I haven't tried this yet, but by the taste of the ginger ale, I think this is gonna be awesome too!

Chorizo Seco by Charlito's Cocina ($16.67)- I always like when they send meat in subscription boxes, it gives the box more of a gourmet feel. This was really good also. I had it thinly sliced on a baguette like the card said, and it packed in a lot of flavor. I'll also try it with scrambled eggs. It feels really high quality.

A pack of 2 chocolate Bon Bons by Fine & Raw Chocolate ($8)- Dang, this is expensive chocolate. It tasted good for chocolate, but I expected more by how much it costs. Still good though.

Drunken Monkey Jam by The Jam Stand ($10)- Yum! This was really good jam. I like how the only ingredients were bananas, sugar, lime, and a splash of rum. It was sweet but not to sweet. Again, you could taste all of the ingredients. I might try to make this myself, but it probably won't turn out as good.

Cards with all the items on it. 4 recipe cards, and two stickers from The Fancy.

The total value of this box was $70.62, what a great value! This box was so fun to unbox, it felt like a Christmas present. This is one of my favorite boxes now!

Verdict- If you like food, and are willing to spend $39 a month, you should definitely subscribe!