Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Graze Box(es) #1 and #2 Review

Graze is a Weekly/bi-Weekly/Monthly Subscription Service that is similar to GoBites or Peckish in the sense that they brand their own snack mixes and send them to you.  They send you their snacks in little punnets that have exactly one serving each.  Four punnets come in each box.

The price of Graze is $5 per box.  This makes each punnet out to be $1.25 each.  This is surprisingly a good deal if you compare it to GoBites, since they charge $1.99 per punnet (they are both the same size). If you stopped buying as much snacks, this could save money. If you don't feel like getting these boxes every week because of the sneaky price, or you just think the punnets will start to pile up, don't fret! Graze offers 3 plans for optimized flexibility.  You can get your boxes delivered weekly,  every fortnight, or monthly. You can even skip a week with any plan! A person wanted my last invite code, and I replied to his comment, but he/she hasn't used it yet. Hmm, I'll wait a while.

Graze has a unique rating system that makes it so you will probably always get a good box.  You can mark all of the snacks as trash (never send), try (happy to try), like (send occasionally),  or love (send often). You can even make your boxes mostly things you marked as love, a good mix, or mostly tries. That is so awesome! Side note: Am I the only one who has though of cheating the system and trashing all but 4 items to know exactly what will be in your box? I would make it ALL flapjacks ALL the time.

Since Graze delivers from the UK, the deliveries can be a bit wonky at times.  I got my box from last week in my mailbox after my box from this week.  Not a huge deal, and I can understand because of the international-ness. I told graze this, and they credited my account for one free box, how nice! I took a peek at the UK snack page and they have snacks that sound awesome! They get olives, bread, brownies, cake, and tea! I really hope graze finds a way to deliver these fresh products to the U.S soon.  Maybe they'll open a branch in the U.S.  That would be cheaper than paying for international shipping over and over again.

The Snacks in my March #1 box:

Fruit and Seed Flapjack- In case you didn't know, I am a HUGE fan of the Graze flapjacks.  I have had every single kind now, and they are all awesome.  They are made with a secret family recipe I hear.  They are always really soft and oat-mealy, and not like a granola bar at all. This one was probably my least favorite out of all flapjacks, but it was still good.  Other flapjacks are phenomenal though.  I rated this as "like."

Cheddar Gorge-  This was OK   I expected it to be more cheesy.  The herb bites were good.  The salsa corn sticks weren't very good. I rated it as "try."

Honeycomb Crunch- This was really good! I LOVED the honeycomb that was coated in chocolate.  And it tasted delectable with the raisins and almonds.  I had to mark this one as a "love."

Chili and Lime Pistachios-  These were pretty good.  I am a fan of pistachios, and the chili-lime flavoring on these were good.  I wish there was more chili, but then again, most people can't handle spice as well as I.

The Snacks in my March #2 box:

Boston Baguettes-  This was really good also.  The tomato bread stick things were OK on their own.  When you put them together with the BBQ relish it was quite tasty. I usually love all of the dippers! Marked as "love."

Pure Vitality-  Together this was OK.  I really liked the tartness of the Inca berries. I wasn't a huge fan of the apricots, but I still ate them. The seeds were OK   I don't think this mix's sole purpose was taste, so I marked it as "try."

Yaki Soba- This was good, but not great.  I didn't think it really tasted like yaki soba, but it was good otherwise.  Marked as "like."

Honeycomb Flapjack- This was the best graze thing I have had for sure.  It had all that oatmeal goodness of their flapjacks with a really nice honey and chocolate flavor.  I wouldn't mind having this in every one of my boxes. "love" for sure.

Verdict: Graze is super awesome, subscribe!

** I was not paid to write this review by Graze, and I purchased this subscription with my money.s


  1. Graze box seems like such a good deal! do you have any invite codes that might still work?

    1. Graze is pretty awesome! Unfortunately graze cut their members so they could only give out 1 code. I had one availible, but now I don't because of that. Hope you find a code soon!