Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Dumpling Box Review

Dumpling box is a fairly new subscription service for Asian snacks. I love Asian snacks, possibly because I am Asian, so I HAD to get this box. I seriously am obsessed with Asian food. It is hard to get Asian food where I live since there is only one Asian market and it isn't that big.

Thus box costs $10 per month through Paypal. The weird thing about this box is that it delivers on different days for everyone. I first signed up at the beginning of the month, so I always get it at the beginning of the month. But if someone signed up during the middle/end, that's when they would get it. Each box comes with a little card with all the snacks listed, where they're from, and the ingredients.

This is my third month of Dumpling Box, and I have really been enjoying them! I am not going to list the retail values since this box isn't about values, it's about trying new things. And I don't really have the means to go out and find all the values since not all of these snacks are at the Asian market near my location.

The contents of my March Dumpling Box:

Dandy's Coconut Chocolate Wafers- I've had many Asian coconut wafer snacks, and they were all good. This was no exception, but it added some chocolate so that was nice.

Kasugai Cola Hard Candy- This wasn't half bad, it was a cola hard candy with some fizzy flavor to it.

Kasugai Kiwi Gummy- This was a surprisingly soft and chewy gummy. Most gummies end up being hard, but this wasn't. The package said "super juicy," although I didn't taste any juice. Still good though.

Lotte Sasha Milk Chocolate- I really liked the design of this. It was milk chocolate interlaced with white. It tasted pretty good also.

Marukawa Variety Gum- The packaging on this was awesome! It was this neat little box pre-wrapped with 4 little gum balls on the inside. This tasted surprisingly good but didn't last too long.

Okaki No Kyeon Rice Crackers- These were yummy! They tasted a lot like rice and soy sauce. I love rice and soy sauce.

Puccho Stick Genki Energy- This was cola flavored, and tasted pretty good. It also had some carbonation to it. I didn't feel much energy, but caffeine doesn't have much of an effect on me in general.

Sunlight Royal Sesame Powder- This was really interesting. The card said to mix it with hot water to make some sort of porridge. I did that and it was quite addicting! It looked ugly but tasted good.

Tenkei Marshmallow Pudding- I expected this to be just a soft marshmallow, but it actually was a soft marshmallow filled with some sort of pudding. It was really good and interesting!

Uni Sukiyaki Rice Crackers- This was super yummy! It was a bag of sea urchin flavored rice crackers. It didn't taste too much like sea urchin, but nonetheless, was still yummy.

I am liking Dumpling box more and more. Sure there are some improvements to be made like a referral program and stuff, but this box is new so I didn't expect that.

Verdict: If you like Asian Snacks or just want to try something new, I would recommend subscribing!

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