Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Gfreely Review

Gfreely is a montly subscription service that sends all kinds of gluten free foods. Sometimes they are cooking ingredients, sometimes quick meals, and sometimes just snacks.  They also include a variety of reicpies and tips in each box.  If you were to particularly like a couple of items in your box, they have a store on their website that offers some things. There aren't very many things in the store currently, but I am sure they will add more items sooner or later.

This box costs $25 dollars a month with shipping included.  You can take the price down to $19 a month if you purchase a six month subscription.  Gfreely sent me a coupon code for 50% off, so I decided to try it once and then cancel. This was my first Gfreely box ever.
If you are wondering why the box is torn up, its because I tore of the mailing label really badly lol.
Kays Natural Mac n Cheese Protein Puffs ($1.79)- These were interesting. They tasted kinda like macaroni and cheese, but with some wierd spice that I just cannot put my finger on. They weren't bad though, just not my favorite.

Nunes Farms Almonds in Sweet Chipotle ($1.00)- Nunes Farms never seems to impress me with their almonds. But I am pretty spoiled with my almonds.  I always make freshly roasted cinnamon almonds almost every week.  But these weren't bad either.

Some mysterious bag of mysterious stuff ($1??)- I have no idea what this could be. It doen't have a brand label or anything.  I guess I'll eat it though.
 That's it Fruit Bar in Cherry Apple ($1.58)- This was pretty darn good. The title is self explanitory, the only ingredients are cherries and apples! That's pretty darn awesome. They tasted really good too, like a SunRype bar, just a lot less processed.

Dang toasted coconut chips ($3.21)- These were really really tasty.  I am a big fan of coconut so I pretty much inhaled all of this bag immediately.
Sen Cha Green Tea Mints ($2.95)- This was probably my favorite thing in the box.  I liked the packaging for some reason I can't think of.  They taste OK,but they make your breath smell super fresh and minty teaish.  I also like that three mints equal the amount of antioxidants that are in one cup of tea.

Crystal Noodle Soup in Mushroom Flavor ($2.50)- This sounds quite yummy and sounds pretty Asian, so this seems promising.

The total value of this box is about $14! That is a pretty bad value if you ask me. Not terrible for me since I only paid half but still, way too low for a $25 box. I am going to email them about this. 

Verdict: Maybe other boxes were better?!?


  1. Yikes that is a terrible value. I have been wondering about this box so thanks for reviewing. I've had the coconut stuff and it was so good!

  2. Yeah this value is pretty pad. I emailed them and they said that some products were high value. aThen they offered me a $5 coupon code. That doesn't make up for it I'm my book and I don't like it when customer service tries to defend themselves like that so I just ended up cancelling, I've noticed other reviews of this box didn't put the value but idk, maybe other boxes were an OK value.