Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Boxtera Review

Boxtera is a monthly food subscription service. I was super curious for this box since I usually am in the food box department.  This box stood out for me because of the price (kinda high), and how much food they sent in each box! Each of the food items usually has some health benefit to it (vegan, gluten free, etc.). So I went ahead and contacted Boxtera and they were generous enough to send me a complimentary box for me to review! I love it when that happens.

Boxtera is $40 with a month to month subscription.  But you can get it for $32 and $30 if you sign up for a semi-annual or annual subscription.  I did a little test checkout and it seems that they still bill you monthly if you sign up for a 6 or 12 month.  Don't quote me on that because I wasn't completely sure.  But that is always nice especially for a box of this price, because it can get quite tedious for big payments sneaking up on you when you least expect them to.

 This box looks pretty snazzy if I don't say so myself
 This opening reminded me of the one in Healthy Surprise
 So many snacks!
Good Life Granola Original Flavor ($3)- I have had this many times in other food subs and it is always pretty good.  I am never blown away by it, but by no means unhappy, it will definitely be eaten.

Bobbysue's nuts! Original Flavor ($3.50)-  I received these in a Love with Food box and they are pretty tasty.  They have some savory and sweet elements to them.  The resealable pouch makes it an easy snack to grab during class.

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips ($1)- I agree, food should taste good! These chips definitely did.  I checked on their website and they have A LOT of flavors to choose from.  I saw a kimchi flavor and I really want to try that because I love me some kimchi.
Seasnax in wasabi Flavor ($1.50)-  These seaweed sheets are soooo yummy! I recieved sea sprinkles in a healthy surprise and I was hooked ever since.  The wasabi added a really nice kick.  I don't agree with their "strangely addictive!" slogan, because I don't think they are strange at all, just addicting!

Bitsy's Brainfood in Orange Chocolate Beet ($2.50)-  These were also quite tasty.  I liked the texture of these little alphabet cookies.  I also never knew orange and beet tasted good together.  This would be a good way to sneak some health kids' diets.

ZFruit Rope in Strawberry and Grape ($1.66 total)- This would be another way to get a kid healthy. They tasted a bit medicine-y to me, but I have some weird nostalgia for flavored medicine so I loved them!
The Gluten Free Bar in peanut butter chocolate ($2.33)- I've gotten these a couple of times and I always really like them, great for people who can't/choose not to have gluten in their diets.

flapJacked Protein Pancake Mix ($3)- This sounds really interesting, and who doesn't love pancakes.  I always seem to crave unhealthy food after a workout so this will be a nice substitute.

Bunny Bar in Choco Cherry ($0.83)- I get these from Costco all the time and they are always yummy.

 Cinnamon Sugar Seasoned Sprouted Lentils ($1.89)- I thought this would be nasty, but it was pretty good. I always like the cinnamon sugar combo (who doesn't?), and the lentils had a nice crunch to them. 
Artisana Raw Cacao Bliss ($1.64)- Interesting, this is chocolate coconut butter. I have loads of Kelapo normal coconut butter, but I may use this instead sometime.

Artisana Blue Algae Nut Butter ($1.42)- Same as above.

2 Runa Teas in Cinnamon Lemongrass and Mint ($1)- This is supposed to give energy, so I'll try it one morning.

Garden of Eatin' Black Bean Chips ($1.50??)- Either my computer is being glitchy or their website is being weird, but I didn't find a value for this. I haven't tried it yet either.

Madhouse Munchies Sea Salt & Vinegar Kettle Cooked Chips  ($1.34)- I love sea salt and vinegar, it's just something about that whole briny flavor.  These chips were then quite tasty for me.  I liked the crunch that the kettle cooking gave it.

The total value of this box is $28.11. Ouch, I don't know what went wrong.  I know for sure that other people's boxes were way higher than the sale price, so maybe I was missing an item? I'll just email them. 


  1. I've never heard of this box before. Did you ever get the product issue resolved?