Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Love With Food Review

Love with Food is a fairly popular gourmet food monthly subscription service. One of the reasons why it is so popular is most likely the relatively cheap cost. This box costs $12 monthly total and can go as low as $10 with an annual plan. What differentiates this box from other food boxes is that for every box they deliver, they donate a meal to a hungry child in America.

There are a lot of discounts online for LWF. Once I found one for $15 for a 3-month subscription. So if the $12 seems too pricey, just keep your eyes peeled for discounts!

Sometimes, LWF has special guests curate their boxes, this month it is  Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods. I was really excited for that box because I am completely open to any food, no matter how bizarre. 

This month's theme was "Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Foods."

 The box for this month had contents that could not be contained!
 These don't look too weird, but they do look wonderful!
Lemony Lover Oloves Olives ($1.28)- These were sooo delicious.  I never really knew that I loved olives until this box.  They had a really nice acidic flavor with some nice seasonings added. I will definitely buy more!

SomerSaults Salty Pepper Nuggets ($1.33)-  These were really salty and peppery, but I liked them.  They were like a circular grain and sunflower seed cracker with lots of salt and pepper.  I might buy more of these also!

(2) Cocomels in Sea Salt and Original ($1.60)- I love me some coconut, so I was super excited to see that these were going to be included.  They tasted like caramel  just infused with some coconut, and they were delicious. Ordering more, like everything else in this box it seems!

Buff Lo Creamy Ranch Buffalo Dip  ($2)-  This sounds really good, just look at the title! I can't wait to try this with something.

The Good Bean Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpea Snacks ($3.17)- The flavor of these reminded me of fuego flavored Takis.  So these were pretty tasty, but I'll stick to takis, because I have a weird phobia of beans for some reason.

Mini Pops Air Popped Sorghum Grain ($1.21)- The texture of these were nice and crunchy, but I thought they were a little bland, so I added more salt and they were quite the treat.  I am not sure if I liked it better than popcorn though.

(Not Pictured, Whoops) Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen  ($0.77)- This made the box quite stanky, but I will use it in some recipe sometime.

The total value of this box is $11.36.  This is actually one of the better values Love With Food has had recently. I am happy with this value since they donate a meal with every purchase.  The products in this box were quite awesome considering I will buy three of them again!

Verdict: This box is pretty good, and goes toward a great cause.

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