Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mystery Conscious Box Review

Conscious Box was just recently offering a mystery box "stupendously stuffed" with extra stuff they had.  I decided to make the purchase because I knew the value would be there and past mystery boxes have been pretty awesome.  This box was a one-time-purchase dealio and I am a sucker for those things, since I don't really like recurring payments (kinda ironic I know).

This box costed $19.99 but I bought it in combination with a 3 month subscription to their gluten-free box and used the 50% off code, so this box only costed me around $10. I'm not going to put the retail values in (yet, maybe) because there were too many sample sized things that were almost impossible to find a value on! But I can assure you that the value is greater than the cost of the box.

And P.S, my pictures for these kinda suck for some reason.
 So many samples!!
All Natural Freekeh Roasted Green Wheat- I really do not know what to do with this. It reminds me of chia or hemp seeds because they all have a lot of protein. I just hope this doesn't end up sitting and never being used.

Sahale Snacks Cashews-  I have received these a few times and they are pretty tasty.  They are cashews with this kinda sticky and delicious fruity coating.  I always enjoy these delicious little treats!

Cuppow- This little doohicky turns mason jars into a drinking mug! I feel like I would look like a complete hipster (dufus) bringing this into class one day.  But who knows, I just may do it.

Peeled Snacks appleclusters- I had these in another conscious box and they are so yummy! I love freeze dried fruits, so these were a sure shot for me liking them.  They are very crunchy and have a nice apple cinnamon flavor to them.
1 Packet of Eboost- In the last three boxes I got, I have received at least one packet of Eboost (reviews of those coming soon).  I am not complaining, since I like them.

Rock the Green Laundry Detergent-  I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like a pretty nice laundry detergent.

1 bag Stash and Good Nature beTea-  Ugh, more tea. 'Nuff Said.
1 Little bag of Lush Nuts- I got these in a Yumvelope and they are OK. The flavor is good and all, but they are a little stale in my opinion.

Dill Dip Mix- I am not a huge fan of dill, but my Dad sure is, so he will hopefully appreciate it.

Pamela's BAking Pancake Mix-  I had their brownie mix before and it was delicious! I am expecting the same  for this.

Teeccino Maya Chocolate Organic Coffee- It isn't that often where you recieve coffee in a non-coffee sub box, so I was happy to see this. It sounds interesting also.

I was really worried that I would get all products I received before and it seemed that it wasn't the case. And most of these products will be used. The value seems to be good, but it doesn't seem as great as the previous mystery box.

Verdict: Conscious Mystery Boxes are always pretty good!


  1. Yep I got mostly the same stuff except you got an extra tea. I think I got about 5-6 things you didn't get though,odd.

    1. How peculiar. I'm wondering how they fit all your stuff!