Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Verbal Fancy Box Review

Moar Fancy Box subscriptions! This one is from a member of the Teriyaki Boyz, Verbal.  I'll admit, I got this mainly because Verbal is Asian, and I know he once made a song with boA (a korean artist), and I love boA! This box is supposed to specialize in super fun things. I also love subscription boxes if you couldn't tell by now.

Like most Fancy Boxes, this costs $39 a month plus shipping and is guaranteed to have at least an $80 value. Way back when 25 off codes existed, I got this box because I just wanted to try it.  I will probably cancel after this month, but who knows, I just may resubscribe again. This box also ships internationally, but it will cost more than the $7 (I think) that I payed for shipping.  

 As always, Fancy included little cards for each item detailing why the curator picked them and a short description about the item. 
Alcohol Shotgun ($19)-I had a little double-take when i took this out of the box. I found it weird that the main selling point for this was that it was "finally" a gun that could shoot alcohol. Then I thought "can't a water gun do the exact same thing?". Turns out it can.  And this only holds a shot, so yeah. Meh item. 
Oscar Wilde Quote Reusable Tote Bag ($15??)- I can't find this anywhere online, or on the fancy. Plus, I kinda, maybe, lost the card for it, oops. That being said, I am not sure how I will use it.  
Colour Me Good Hip Hop Coloring Book ($18)- I don't know why this was in here, when it was in the P!nk box for last month.  It even has the P!nk card for it. I contacted Fancy and they gave me a $20 gift card! And they responded to my e-mail in like 30 minutes which is super fast for this company.  Anyways, I actually like this, and I have some friends that would adore this!

A Set of  Mr. and Ms.Who? Playing Cards ($25)- On The card it said these were supposed to be black. But mine were just normal white ones :(. What makes these cards special is that they have social icons on the face cards like Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. They are OK, since I don't use playing cards that often.

This value of this box is about $77.  If I underestimated the value of the tote bag a little, then the value is fine.  I was just disappointed with some of the products. So I canceled this one and got the normal fancybox for next month, which I am looking forward to!

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