Monday, April 15, 2013

March/April Graze Box(es) Review #3 and #1

Graze is a Weekly/bi-Weekly/Monthly Subscription Service that is similar to GoBites, Peckish, and Naturebox in the sense that they have their own brand snack mixes and send them to you.  They send you their snacks in little punnets that have exactly one serving each.  Four punnets come in each box.

The price of Graze is $5 per box.  This makes each punnet out to be $1.25 each.  This is surprisingly a good deal if you compare it to GoBites, since they charge $1.99 per punnet (they are both the same size). If you stopped buying as much snacks, this could save money. If you don't feel like getting these boxes every week because of the sneaky price, or you just think the punnets will start to pile up, don't fret! Graze offers 3 plans for optimized flexibility.  You can get your boxes delivered weekly,  every fortnight, or monthly. You can even skip a week with any plan! 

Since Graze is based in the UK, deliveries are very inconsistent at times, but I am understanding of that because they aren't based in the US yet.  I really hope that they come to the U.S soon because I just got olives in my LWF box for this month (review coming soon), and I discovered that I love olives! And the olives offered in the UK sound really tasty!  I like the variety that this box has because it isn't just mixed nuts and granola, there is bit of everything!

The Herb Garden (herb and onion peanuts, baked herb bites and oregano rice crackers)- I first marked this as love because I thought the baked herb bites in it sounded interesting.  They turned out to be not very interesting, but good nonetheless.  There are a lot of herby savory snacks on Graze and I have liked them all, but not love, so I marked this as like.

Toffee Apple (sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices)-  I had this in my first ever graze box and I thought it was delicious!  The apples tasted fresh and the toffee caramel was divine   But this time, the apple pieces had a bit of a brown shade to them, and didn't taste as fresh.  I guess that's what comes along with transcontinental shipping.  But I still marked this as love since it was so good the first time.

Tropical Daiquiri (pineapple, lime infused raisins and green mango)- This tasted very fruity.  The lime infused raisins were OK, but not my favorite infused raisin. I always buy green mango from Costco and these tasted a bit stale, but still retained good flavor.  I marked this as like.

Bounty Hunter (milk chocolate drops, coconut flakes and cranberries)- I expected this to be plain, but it was tasty.  The chocolate was very smooth, and went well with the cranberries and coconut, marked as like. 

April Box #2

My Thai (sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites)- I have ended up liking all the dippers so far (except mango chutney) and this was no exception.  The chili sauce tasted like the sweet chili sauce you buy in a bottle from the store, but it tasted a little spicier (I think) than that.  The two things tasted great together, marked as love.

Summer Berry Compote (berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers)- Again, I like all the dippers, and this was one of my favorite things I've ever had from graze.  The shortbread tastes very familiar, yet I can't put my finger on it's exact taste. The berry compote was delicious and they were very yummy together, love. 

After Dinner Mint (mint infused raisins, blanched almonds and dark chocolate buttons)-  I thought this sounded very interesting with its mint infused raisins.  Nothing tasted that great by themselves, but together, it tasted a lot like the mints some restaurants give after dinners.  I rated this one as a like.

Brooklyn Bites (BBQ pumpkin seeds, poppy seed pretzels and cheese cashews)- This one was new, so I marked it as love so I could get it soon, and it did!  This was pretty good, it had a different flavor than other graze snacks, but I don't know if it reminded me of Brooklyn.  I rated this as a like. 

Verdict:  Graze is always pretty awesome!d

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