Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Fancy Gourmet Food Box Review

thefancy.com now offers a number of subscription services for all types of people.  All of them seemed interesting to me, but this food box piqued my interest the most because, well, its food, and I LOVE food.  This box normally costs $39 plus shipping, and it does not ship nationwide (but the other fancy boxes do).  I am not sure if there is a coupon right, now since I can't find one, but there may still be a 25 off one out there. This price seems very high, and it is, but it the value for these boxes are usually higher and the products so far have been pristine! The box from this month came a little late for me, but I think it was definitely worth the wait!

Since I was waiting for a coupon until the cutoff date, I unfortunately will most likely not get the box for next month *sigh*. But hey fancy *nudge nudge* *wink wink*, I wouldn't be mad if you sent next month's box to me, just find my contact info in the tab above ;). 

 I really like this  new snazzy green box!
Charlito's Cocina Dry Cured Black Truffle Sausage ($13.33)- I seemed to have gotten this instead of the ham, but I am not unhappy in the slightest bit! This sausage is delicious.  You can really taste the truffle in it.  It would probably taste great with cheese, or wine ;).

Stem Citrus Spritzer ($7)-  I feel like this will come in handy if I ever need something that needs a little citrus to it. It is a very interesting idea, and works pretty well and is easy to use.
Divine Brine Pickle Relish ($4)- This has an interesting flavor and I am undecided if I like it yet. I just don't know what to use it for yet. I'll just try to use it in place of normal relish sometime.

Mina Harissa Mild Red Pepper Sauce ($10.50)- This kinda tastes like a mixture of sriracha and salsa.  I tend to lean towards sriracha for all of my hot sauce needs, but I will try this. I wish it was spicier, but it tastes great with tortilla chips!

Zoe's Chocolate Co's the Pretzel Bar ($7.50)- The chocolate in this is really high quality, and that is what makes it so good in my opinion.  The pretzels add a really nice salty element to the chocolate.
Bobbysue's Original Nuts ($3.50)- These nuts are great, they taste somewhat sweet and savory.  The bag makes it a great snack to grab out of your backpack in class. I also like the nice mix of nuts in it. 

Dave's Madagascar Vanilla Coffee Syrup ($11)- This was the highlight of the box for sure! I tried a spoonful of it and immediately fell in love.  It tastes like really good coffee, with some bitter tones to it; but it is sweet enough to eat with anything! Amazing.

The total value of this box is approximately $56.83.  This is a little lower than last month's but still worth it in my opinion.  I loved all the products in here to! This may be one of my favorite subscription boxes now!

Verdict- This is an amazing box with a great variety of full-sized items to try. 


  1. Wonder if they ran out of the ham? I've had charlitos cocina products before and they are good! I bet the truffle sausage is delicious!

    1. I still want to try that ham, but the saysage was still tasty!

  2. try20off14, i got the sausage too...was really looking forward to the ham but i am sure i will enjoy this as well.

    1. I was looking forward to the ham too, but the sasaigr is still great. Thanks for the code! I used it to get the tyler florence box and the food box for next month. It is expired now I think.

  3. If you noticed my extreme spelling errors, well then oops, it seems that I can't spell sausage.