Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July/August Skoshbox Review

I'm not dead! This past week up until now has just been work.  My only free time has been at night.Hopefully I'll post more often again. 

Skoshbox is a new Japanese monthly subscription box. Ever since dumpling box went under, I've felt this lack of asian stuff being delivered to me. The timing of this box was perfect! As you most likely know, I am a huge fan of Asian cultures. Not only do they send food and stuff, but they also send stationary, like fun pens and erasers! Each box also has a card with a description of every item. Even though I am not Japanese, this box still interested me a great deal. This box is $12 a month including shipping, and I think that is on the cheaper side of subscription boxes.

This box was founded by two close friends that have lived in Japan and the U.S throughout their lives. The two friends were basically surrounded by Japanese culture all the time.  They saw that access to a variety of Japanese stuff was not only scarce, but also quite pricey. So then bam! Skoshbox was born.

 This month's box came with chopsticks! I have a bunch of matching chopsticks in a drawer so these would look weird with them. I'm sure they'll go to use though.  Skoshbox also includes an info card with a tidbit of information about each product; I always love it when boxes have these. 
Elise Stick- This was a wafer like stick filled with matcha green tea flavored filling. I love green tea flavored stuff, and this was no exception.  It was a nice light snack.

Mini Salad- This were rice crackers with a flavor based of salad dressing! Pretty tasty in my opinion. 

(2) Umaibo- These are flavored puffed corn sticks. Umaibo comes in a bunch of wacky flavors! The ones included were relatively mild, just cheese and corn. 
Fuwa Fuwa Jelly- The Japanese sure do like their jelly candies! This one had marshmallow and melon flavored jelly/jell-o.  I thought it was pretty tasty, but it got really sweet, almost too sweet.

Milk Caramel- Caramel is always welcome in my opinion. This wasn't the best thing I'd ever have, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

Melon gummy Candy- I think I got this in a Dumplingbox (discontinued) once! Or something similar. Like Jelly, the Asians also like melon flavored things.  I drink melon flavored milkis (milk flavored soda, yeah it sounds weird but I like it) and ramune (kinda like a japanese sprite) all the time! Oh and the gummy was pretty good.

Grape Gummy Candy- Like the melon flavor, grape is used in most asian stuff. It was also tasty.  
Cheese Kibun- Cheese flavored rice crackers? Sounds good to me.  I love cheese and most things relating to cheese, this was a delicious little snack.  Very flavorful.

Suzume no Tamago- This literally means "Sparrow's Egg." Just peanuts coated in a savory rice cracker shell. Savory rice crackers can make anything taste good! I usually don't like peanuts, but I did like this.

Almondrush- This was just white chocolate with a ton of almond slivers inside. I liked it a lot, more than I thought I would actually. The almonds had a nice flavor and added some texture to the otherwise mediocre white chocolate.

Verdict:  Overall, I really like Skoshbox. I think it was worth the twelve bucks and I will definitely stay subscribed. 

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