Thursday, August 15, 2013

Candy Japan Review

Ugh, I am finally getting situated with the school year again, so I promise now I should be posting more. Not as much as I did in February, but more.. I will get less busy in the winter, but then I might have practice for a percussion group for over 24 hours a weekend! How crazy, now, on to the review!

As you all probably know by know, I have a small (gigantic) obsession with Japanese candy.  There's a subscription for that now! It is called Candy Japan is a bi-monthly candy subscription. Twice a month, they send you "interesting and delicious" candies in an envelope for you to try.  They say to expect 2-6 candies per month.  This subscription is $25 a month, so about $12.50 per envelope.

The owner of this subscription kindly sent me their last July shipment in exchange for an honest review. 

Okashina Mizuame- See below for a more detailed explanation.

Coris Whistle Candies- I've hear of these before and always wanted to try them. You simply put them in your mouth and blow, and the magic of science produces a really high-pitched whistle sound.  I'm sure this would get on someone's nerves, but I liked it since I am really bad at whistling.  I think it was soda flavored, and I really like soda flavored things because that is kinda a trademark of Japanese candy.  Soda flavored things taste kinda like a bubbly soda pop, or Ramune if you have had that. 

Does this look familiar to you if you have read my blog before? I bet it looks like some Awesome Japanese Candy!  This candy came with three different packets of flavored liquid sugar (basically) to mix together and stuff. The blue one was soda flavored, which I love, the yellow was lemon, and red was strawberry flavored. You start out by mixing one of the packets with another one in the plastic tray. You keep trying different flavor combos until you have all of the packets in the container.
After all of the liquid sugar is stirred, this is the final product.  I think the main thing about this candy is that it is supposed to taste like grape at the end.  It definitely did! I didn't know soda+lemon+strawberry=grape!
A lot of Japanese stuff in general comes with free bonuses.  The whistle candies came with a little box with this novelty ring.  This may be a nice surprise to some kids.

As for the value of this box, I am very confident that these candies didn't equal the $12.50. But then again, shipping is super expensive, and you are paying for things you can't get anywhere.  So I think it is a matter of personal opinion if it is worth the money.  For a candy addict like me, it would definitely be worth it. 

Verdict: I am definitely considering to sign up!

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