Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Yumvelope Review

Yumvelope is a monthly subscription service for gourmet snacks.  As you probably know by now, I love me some snacks. 

At first you can get one box for $21.00 plus $3 shipping.  They won't sign you up for a subscription automatically so that is nice.  Then you can subscribe for a month to month subscription for just $21 a month. You can even purchase a six month subscription for $126 which includes some sort of  bonus shipment.  Hint Hint, the bonus shipment is just a bonus month, so the $126 gets you basically a seven month subscription!

Another cool feature of this box is that they donate a meal every month like Love With Food. That is always a clear selling point for me, so I think they should market that aspect of the box more.  Most people probably don't even know that they do that.

TeeChia Blueberry Date Cereal ($3.50)- I didn't particularly enjoy these cereals. I thought it was like an oatmeal, but you don't have to cook it actually. You just add water and some sort of dairy. The end product tasted quite bitter and a bit soggy, but I would probably end up picking this up at the store If I didn't know what it tasted like, so I am glad the Yumvelope spared me from that experience.

TeeChia Cinnamon Cranberry Cereal ($3.50)- I don't really want to eat this, so not sure what I'll do with it either. 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World ($1.80)- I really liked these. You were supposed to let the bag sit open for a couple minutes before eating to let the cookies "breathe." I thought that was weird, but these were really good.  I liked the texture because it wasn't too hard and was kinda buttery.  The chocolate was good and I was glad that there wasn't too much chocolate.  Because I hate it when I bite into a chocolate chip cookie and all I get is basically a cookie shell with molten chocolate on the inside.

Eat Green Tea ($25)- This is really interested. I was very disappointed when I pulled this out of the envelope because I thought it was tea. Turns out this is tea meant for eating.  You are supposed to sprinkle it on top of stuff to add extra nutrients, antioxidants, and other good green tea stuff. This smells really good, but I tried it on its own and it wasn't pleasant. But I don't think it is meant to be eaten like that anyways.

(2) TeeCino Tea Bags in Dandelion Dark Roast and Dandelion Caramel Nut ($1.20)- The caramel sounds interesting, and I'll probably give away the other one. 

(2) Dave's Midnite Cookie in Lemon Coconut and Ginger Molasses- These were pretty good. The flavor on both were nice. But the ginger was a little dense. The lemon was much better in texture.

The total value of this was $39! Best Yumvelope value I'd ever seen.

Verdict: My subscription is over now and I am thinking of resubscribing.

Well this has nothing to do with the yumvelope, but Guess What I just found at my aunt's house hiding in a corner! A gigantic box filled with big bags of Mini Pops. I had the mini pops in a LWF box and they were tasty. So I'm pretty Jelly that she has so much. 

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