Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Tyler Florence Fancy Box Review

This box shipped late in the month as far as fancy boxes go! This is usually the time where June box start to ship.  On to the box, the Tyler Florence Fancybox is one of the many subscriptions offered at The Fancy. This one is curated by Tyler Florence, and usually contains things cooking or food related. Like all fancy boxes, it costs $39 plus shipping. It is also supposed to have a value of at least eighty dollars.

My favorite fancy box right now is the food one, but that could change over time.  I am expecting the food one early this month, so unless a situation like this occurs, expect a review for that soon!

I don't think there are any coupons right now for the fancy, but when I find one, I'll let you guys know.  First there were 25 off, then 20, maybe they'll go down even further. I hope not, I like high saving coupons!

 Now this box has its own box design, and I really like it!
Prepara Herb Savor ($20)- I hate it when fresh herbs go to waste, because this happens so often.  So this will definitely go to use.  The only part I am worried about is how much room this takes up. Tyler said on the back of the card that this fits in a refrigerator door, but the problem is that I don't have much room in my refrigerator door!

Egg/Pancake Fry Rings ($15)- I think I got this at an at seen on tv store a REALLY long time ago. As for the usefulness, I will probably use them, but I might just forget about them.
Apron Guide ($26)- Dangit Fancy! Now I have two of these, because it was also in the Fancy food box for this month. The bad part about this is that this isn't the first time that this has happened. They often have duplicate items, and people always complain about it. You'd think they would learn from their mistakes. I contacted the customer care, and I'll see what they do. Fancy is usually pretty fond of giving away gift cards when this happens.

Tilt Mug ($13)- This is my favorite item in the box! First of all, I like the simplicity of the design. But the main point of this mug is to steep tea. You put tea into a infuser that comes in it, then add hot water, add the tea, and tilt! The tilting infuses the tea for you. You can also infuse at different levels by positioning the infusers in different ways depending how strong you want it. This will be used!

The total value of this box is $74. This doesn't meet the eighty dollar mark, so that is a little disappointing. But I do like most of the products, and I would like the apron if it wasn't a duplicate item.

Verdict: Not as good as last month, debating on cancelling or not. 


  1. If you haven't cancelled yet, you will after receiving the June box. What a colossal waste of time, money, and anticipation. Tyler should be embarrassed that his name is tied to this.....

  2. I cancelled before. And I did look at a review for this month, and it wasn't very good at all.