Thursday, June 20, 2013

June VitaCost Be Strong Box Reivew

The Vitacost Be Strong box is one of the boxes in the "Be" series owned by Vitacost. They offer a Be Well (basically a health box), Be Strong (this review), Be Pretty, Be Fit (weight loss), and Be All. I wanted the Be all but it was unfortunately sold out for this month. I guess I'll just wait for the next month. So then I decided to go with the Be Strong because anyone could use some extra muscle I guess. Well I knew for sure I didn't need to lose weight. 

All the Be Boxes cost $13.99, and I am pretty sure they aren't a renewing payment.  At least it didn't say that when I bought it.  I think this is a pretty good price, since the values of the reviews I'd seen before were super high.  Well not all the time actually, I just saw a comment on a blog post saying how terrible their be pretty box was and it wasn't even worth the $14 bucks. Actually I just saw many things like that, so don't get the be pretty box because I guess it pretty much is garbage. It's not like I had any sort of desire to get it, so I'm not really sad about it at all.  I guess the boxes are either terrible or awesome. 

(2) 2 serving packets of C4 Extreme Pre-Workout ($8)- I find it odd that each pack contains 2 servings, because aren't the point of them to be convenient? But I will definitely use this anyways.

12 capsules  Xenadrine XT ($6)- This got pretty good reviews, so I may just take it before a run.  It's supposed to give energy, intensity (?), and thermogenesis (?). I don't quite know what those last two terms mean. Maybe intensity just means focus, but I have no idea what thermogenesis is, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Maybe they just used it to sound fancy. 

1 can Power Pack Protein Pudding ($4.50)- It tasted ok at first, but then I got extremely tired of the very thick vanilla taste.  The pudding didn't exactly taste like pudding, but it was still good; it had a lot of protein too which is good.
(2) GU Chomps ($4.40)- These are a lot like the cliff shot bloks. They give you energy and electrolytes and stuff. My sister now just calls these things salt blocks, because of all the electrolytes.  I thought they tasted pretty good too.

Muscle Martini ($1.40)- Well pretty much everything in this box was protein related, so I'm glad it fits the theme.  This has a nice name, and apparently has an "Award Winning Taste." Protein things taste bad pretty often and only come in vanilla or chocolate. The flavor for this is watermelon candy, so it sounds good. 

ON Amino Energy ($3.60)- This packet also has two servings, weird. But it is another protein drink that will go to use. 
2 RoxyLean Capsules ($4.93)- These are some expensive pills yawl.  But I really don't need to lose weight, and frankly, I'm wondering why this was in the box.  Isn't the theme to get bigger, not smaller? Maybe you need to get smaller before, but I'm not gonna use it, degrassi scared me away from weight loss pills.

(2) MusclePharm Assault Packets in Raspberry Lemonade and Grape ($3.50)- I tried the grape and it tasted like something I would drink even if I wasn't working out, which is great, so the other flavor will go to use.

6 tablets TwinLab Nitric Fuel ($2.45)- This got amazing reviews, so I am delighted to try them.

The total value of this box was about $38.78. This is a great value since I only paid about $14. I will use all but one of the products also, so that is even more awesome! 

Verdict: Great box, will probably try to get the be all box next month. But I can always count on this box if that one is sold out. 

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