Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Bulu Box Review- Feel Good Discovery

Bulu Box, is a supplement and health subscription box.  It contains 4-5 premium samples of supplements, vitamins, and other workout shtuffs.  I honestly do not know how Bulu Box got its name, but it sounds cool at least.  This box costs $10 a box, and you can save money by purchasing longer subscriptions like annual ones.

The customer service for this company is super awesome. If anything, even minor, is wrong with your box, they will send you a bunch of goodies for free! They also include a handwritten note. I can't find a coupon for this box at the moment, but I am sure there will be one soon, as there usually is.

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I might start making up themes for all my monthly boxes that don't have themes.  I'm naming this month "The stuff that tastes good."

 This box felt a little empty this time, but bigger doesn't always mean better right?
Fit 'n Crisp by Promax Vanilla Marshmallow flavor ($1.63)- This tasted like an ultra-healthy version of a rice krispie treat.  It was lighter, in a good way, but a little dry.  I liked that you could actually taste the vanilla in it. 

Two Neocell Beauty Burst Chews ($0.53)- First of all, I want to say that these tasted delicious! Like candy almost.  They are supposed to have many collagen types and improve your skin and hair quality. I couldn't tell, but maybe they did something.

Artisana Blue Algae Superfood Nut Butter ($1.75)- I got this in another box, and it is pretty good. Not like peanut butter, but similar.  Personally, I like to put it on rolls.

Fitmixer Amino ($1.50?)- This also tasted delicious! Way more pleasant than Eboost. And it has a lot of muscle stuffs, so I might actually buy more!

AllerDx ($1.46)- I am currently having terrible allergies! So these will come in handy when they get a little unbearable.

The total value of this box was about $6.83.  Ouch, this is a pretty crummy value. I'll contact the customer support and see what they say. UPDATE: They just basically said that they don't but a money amount to their boxes and the point of the box is to try stuff to see if you like it.  I don't think this is a good excuse, but I'll stick around. 

Verdict- Value=blerg Products=cool!

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