Monday, May 20, 2013

May Fancy Box Review (Original)

The Fancy Box is one of the many subscriptions owned by the Fancy right now.  But this is the original subscription, and it works a little different than all the other ones.  First of all, it is a universal box in the sense that essentially anyone can subscribe. This is because when you first subscribe, they give you a list of categories to check off.  You can check off as many categories as you please, some include: men's, kids, home, gadgets, and media.  Then there is an option to add any special notes. And then you have your own customized subscription

If anyone is wondering, for this box, I choose Men's, Gadgets, and Home for my categories. 

Like all fancy boxes, this costs $39 a month plus shipping.  I am not sure if the coupon 20OFF16 is working, so someone please tell me in the comments!

 This box came in a darker green than usual.
F@#K the Time Watch ($95)- Holy moly, this watch was like double the cost of the box! That always makes me happy. As for the watch, it is OK. I think it is kind of ironic to say eff the time on a watch, but that is probably the humor in it. It isn't to explicit because you can't really read it from far away which is nice.

Milo Micro-Suction Smartphone Stand ($18)- This seems like a pretty high quality stand.  I haven't bought one of these yet, so that is awesome! I think this would be perfect when cooking while reading off a recipe!

Mizu Fancy Water Bottle ($18)- I was relieved when I read that this was dishwasher safe, because I HATE washing bottles by hand. This also seems really high quality. It sure will get a lot of use, since I am in need of water bottles since mine are constantly breaking.

Selection Decanting Pourer ($13)- This little gadget aerates your wine. I gave this to my father and he loves it! So I am happy this didn't go to waste.

The total value of this box is about $144! Holy value gods! This is one of the highest values I've ever received in a box. And most of the items will be used. When I choose the men's category, I was scared of getting just pocket squares and ultra-bright socks and stuff. This stuff is perfect and I can see how it would fit into all the three categories I choose!  And it seems that I received a completely different box from everyone else this month, even the people that choose the same categories. So when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of things I'd never seen before! 

Verdict: Awesome box! All fancy subscriptions are seemingly getting more awesome. 


  1. This is a pretty awesome box of stuff you got. I hope I get an iPhone stand in my box.

  2. This was an awesome box for sure.