Monday, May 20, 2013

May Yumvelope Review

Yumvelope is a food subscription with a really awesome name, one of the best in my opinion, just so clever! It costs $21 a month for a month to month subscription, but you can sign up for a six month subscription for $126 which includes some special bonus still kind of unclear to me.  They also donate a meal with every envelope sold, and that is always awesome. It is never a bad thing when anyone does that.

I have really liked my past Yumvelopes because they always send super awesome products that you don't see very much anywhere else!  Every month, usually contains one big ticket/full size item and a bunch of smaller ones in a box.

 Every month is shipped in a Priority Mail Envelope. 
Cristoforo Organic Sprouted Spelt Sourdough Crackers ($3.75)- These are a little plain, but then again, crackers aren't usually the most flavor packed things in the world.  I am sure they would taste a lot better with some sort of spread on top. It would've been awesome if Yumvelope sent something to go with it.  Maybe I'll try it with the chipotle jam I got in this month's (review coming soon).

Cristoforo Hazelnut Biscotti ($2.31)- Meh, this OK biscottii.  The best biscotti came in a Yumvelope, February I think? But all biscotti tastes good with my morning chai, tasty.

Cristoforo Almond Biscotti ($2.25)- Same as above

Lush Nuts Coconut Lavender ($4.50- These are interesting. I can't taste the lavender much, which may be a good thing.  It is just kind of a weird flavor combo. But I'm not the biggest fan of almonds.  

Urban Raccoons Gluten Free Granola Bar in Cranberry Maple Almond ($2.00)- This was a bit dry, but had an interesting texture altogether. There were granules of these perfect spheres that I couldn't identify. Some of it was a little bland, but the parts with cranberries were yummy.

Halfpops in Sea Salt & Butter ($1.49)- These were interesting. I always pick at the half-popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bag. This is essentially a bag full of them! At first I hated it, then I just couldn't stop eating them!  Weird, but good. 

The total value of this box is about $16.30. Meh, this is a pretty low value for Yumvelope  But they do donate, and these products you wouldn't usually find in stores (except the halfpops).  Well it is still a bit under par in my book.
Verdict: This box was a bit under par, but I still like the subscription. 


  1. I confirmed with Sam that the bonus shipment is an extra month. So basically you pay for 6 months and get 7. I love the half pops they are so addicting!@

    1. I wonder if the extra month will effect the renewal date. And I am really craving some of those halfpops right about now.