Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Love With Food Review

Love with Food is a fairly popular gourmet food monthly subscription service. One of the reasons why it is so popular is most likely the relatively cheap cost. This box costs $12 monthly total and can go as low as $10 with an annual plan. What differentiates this box from other food boxes is that for every box they deliver, they donate a meal to a hungry child in America.

There are a lot of discounts online for LWF. Once I found one for $15 for a 3-month subscription. So if the $12 seems too pricey, just keep your eyes peeled for discounts!  

 This time, the box came in a padded USPS envelope and some cellophane!
 This month's theme was "Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed."
Great Full Cookie from The Cookie Department, Inc. ($3)- Overall, this Cookie was pretty tasty. I liked  that it had sweet potato and cranberries in it, it made it taste very unique. I just wish there was more sweet potato flavor.  The cookie itself was a bit dense also, but I may just buy more.

Tomato Crunch from Snapz Chips ($1.43)- I don't know why but these were just not very good to me. They obviously have a super strong tomato flavor, since they are just tomatoes, it was just so overwhelming that I had to give the rest of it away. I usually like tomato, but these just weren't for me. I'm sure tomato lovers would adore these!
Authentic Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari ($1.50- I received these in a past Yumvelope, and it is the flavor is usually nice, but it can be a little hard at times.  Pro tip, if you dip them in a hot drink, they taste delicious!

Caffe Borsa Premium Hand Drip Coffee ($1.13)- This is kinda interesting in the way it is supposed to be prepared. You may be able to see it in the picture, but inside this packet is a little paper cup thing containing the coffee  It has some sort of strapping mechanism that you put on your coffee cup or mug, then your pour hot water into it and boom! Coffee. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon!

Strawberry Preserves from Bonne Maman ($0.50?)- This came in an awesome little jar to try! By the way, these preserves are also awesome.  They arent overpoweringly sweet like some store brands.
Ms. May's Mini Crunch in Blueberry almond ($1.06)- This was supposed to be the mystery item for this box since it didn't say its exact name on the provided information card.  And these were delicious. They were little cubes of some cereal like stuff combined blueberries and almonds. Great flavor and texture! 

(2) Latte Candy from Bali's Best ($0.78)- Anyone who is a coffee fan would love these. All the flavor of coffee without some of the hassle. Tasty.

2 packets of Slap Ya Mama original Cajun Seasoning- ($0.50?)- I have no idea how this fits with the theme, maybe we are supposed to add these with some eggs.  But that is besides the point, I still have 2 almost full cans of Zatarian Creole Seasoning from the Big Game Cravebox, so it's not like I needed anymore. I will still use these and see how they taste.

The total value of this box is about ten dollars. Surprisingly  this is the highest value that LWF has had in a long time. Ten dollars is a good value since they donate a meal with every box. 

Verdict: This box was good. A lot of new products that other subscription boxes haven't gotten their hands on (except the snapz).

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  1. Hi Jared, I'm excited to read and learn about your opinion on our coffee. When you brew one, please share your experience with us. :) @CaffeBorsa