Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Jungle Stand Review

I am starting to really like The Jungle Stand.  It is a tasting "BAR" that offers a unique tasting experience. Each BAR is priced at $9.92 a month, and I think that price is fair since I have never felt ripped off by them. This is my second box and although I didn't like it as much as last month, it was still fun. This box is really great for having fun with family and/or friends (party hard!).

This month had a game show theme. All the contents in the box were brownie crisps, and they all had a secret flavor to them. You were instructed to pencil in the correct flavor after eating each one.  And let me tell you, a second grader could probably get these right, it was super obvious even by only smelling them.

Toffee Crunch Crisp- My favorite crisp in the box! I am a huge fan of toffee, and you could definitely taste, and see, the little chunks of it in the brownie. Tasty, I wanted more.

Chocolate Chip Crisp- This one was pretty good. Chocolate chips go well with more chocolate, but wasn't too spectacular.

Mint Crisp- Meh, I don't like mint that much, but I'm sure someone would love this if they loved the combo.

Cinnamon Cappuccino Crisp- Probably my second favorite. I usually drink coffee black, so it was a bit to sweet for me. But it was still enjoyable.

Orange Crisp- This may be tied with the toffee for me. I remember getting chocolate oranges all the time at holidays, and I always loved the combo of chocolate and orange ever since. Some people don't dig the combo, and I don't see how they don't.

Chipotle Crisp- Holy moly, this was terrible. If body odor had a taste, it would taste like this. Seriously, it was that bad. 

I wasn't too impressed with this box because there wasn't much variety, but it was pretty good. I think I'll stick around for more.

Verdict: I'll stick around. 

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