Friday, February 22, 2013

February Graze Box Review

Graze box is a food/snack subscription box that I stumbled upon online. It is similar to GoBites because they both send little punnets of snacks to your doorstep. The size of the punnets are the same as GoBites.

The price of this subscription is $5 per box. You can choose to have your boxes delivered weekly, every fortnight (bi-weekly), monthly. When they first launched, you could only have weekly, but you could push back your delivery a week, and I made it so I would get it every other week by pushing it back the next delivery every week I got a delivery, which was kind of annoying. So now, I don't have to do that, I can just let the boxes come every other week.

This is my 3rd box from graze so far and I have been loving them! The snacks have great variety and most of them are unique with a few exceptions. Graze also offers a unique rating system that almost guarantees that you will get snacks that you like. You can browse through all of their snacks, and mark each one as "love" (send regularly), "like" (send occasionally), "try" (happy to try), or "trash" (never send me this). You can even set your preferences for graze to send you mostly products you like and love, a good mix of like, love, and try, or mostly items you marked as try. I really like how customizable graze is without you knowing completely what you are getting in your next box!

The price of this box is also very good. Each punnet comes out to be $1.25 each. GoBites is $1.99 each, so the value of graze is pretty great. If you would like to subscribe to Graze, I have one invitation code left to give out, so the first person to comment saying they would like to subscribe will get my last invite/referral code!

The snacks in my box this week:

Bonnie Wee Oat-bakes- This contained cheese and chive Oat-bakes with a caramelized onion marmalade. I'll admit, at first, I thought this sounded disgusting. I guess the thought of a savory marmalade just steered me away from it. Actually, this snack was super delicious! The oatcakes had a pretty subtle flavor, but you could still taste the cheese and chive combo, and the texture was pretty good. The red onion marmalade was amazing, it had sweet, sour, onion, and even a
vinegar flavor to it. When you combined the oatcakes with the marmalade, it was like heaven, soooo good. I marked this as "love," I would really want to get it again.

Hot Cross Yum- This snack was a mix of orange infused raisins, sponge pieces, and cinnamon honey almonds. I thought the sponge pieces were interesting tasting. The orange raisins are really good actually because they don't have that raising flavor that I don't like, but taste somewhat like orange jelly. The almonds are pretty good also. I was surprised on how much it tasted like a hot-cross bun when you had all the ingredients together! I marked this as like, as I wouldn't mind receiving it again.

Strawberry Milkshake- This snack was a mix of baby strawberries, banana coins, and white chocolate dots. I was expecting the banana to be really dry like a banana chip, bit it was surprisingly soft-ish! Again, when you tasted everything together, it really did taste like a strawberry milkshake! I marked this as "like," because I would like to receive it again.

Bakewell Tart- This snack was a mix of almonds, cherry-infused raisins, and cranberries. I did not expect to like this one very much, but the cherry raisins were just too dang good! Again, it didn't have that raisin-y flavor to it, and it had the good tartness that actual cherries have. I have no idea what a bakewell tart is, but this mix did taste like "real food" I guess. I marked this as "like" because I want to get it again.

I really have been enjoying my graze boxes.

Verdict: Subscribe Right NOW

*I am not paid to write reviews for graze, I paid for these boxes myself.


  1. Awesome! Been checking out all these reviews ever since I discovered the fancy box.
    I'm interested in subscribing to graze !

    1. Thanks for reading! The code is DK1LLMXD