Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Super Hexagon Review

The first word that pops in my head when I think of this game is addiction. Super Hexagon seems to posses mystical powers that just make you cave in to playing it. Many addicting games grow tiresome and even frustrating after a while, but this game lacks that quality, making it one of the most addicting games of all time. In fact, It has taken over my life for the past couple months.

This game is currently offered at the low price of $2.99 and is available on iOS, Android and Steam (PC). I got this game for .99 cents on my iPad during the holidays when it was on sale. I do not believe that this game was a waste of money in the slightest, I assume I have spent at least, over ten hours with it in total. 3 bucks for 10 hours of entertainment is a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Super Hexagon does not have any complicated game mechanics, in fact it is pretty simple. You control a small arrow with your touch screen or two keys on your keypad. You move it right by tapping or holding the right side of the screen or the right arrow key, and move it left by tapping or holding the left side of the screen or left arrow key. To play this game, you maneuver the arrow between lines and shapes and try not to have the point of the arrow touch the shapes or lines. It may sound easy, but it is incredibly difficult. There are six levels in the game in total (I've beaten them all), and you need to "survive" 60 seconds on each level to beat the game. Super hexagon is not a complicated game by any stretch of the imagination.

The soundtrack of Super Hexagon may play a lead role in why this game is so addicting, the soundtrack is just too damn catchy. The soundtracks is an original techno music mix that possesses many addictive beats and tones. I swear sometimes I played this game just to listen to the soundtrack!

Super Hexagon is one of the best games of 2012 in my opinion and definitely the best iOS one.

Verdict: I highly recommend purchasing this game for any platform.
P.S it's also an indie game

*I was not paid for this review, nor did I receive compensation to write it.

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