Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February BarkBox Review

If you didn't already know (you probably didn't), I have an 11 year old dog named Frosty. He is a mix of a Lab and a Husky, so as you can guess, he is pretty darn big. He weighs about 95 pounds.

I recently saw a groupon for a three month subscription to BarkBox for 39$ and I thought I should at least try it for the three months. This groupon comes up for sale quite often, so if your bummed out since you missed it, just keep an eye out for it again.

BarkBox costs $29 a month and can get as low as $18 dollars when you purchase a six mon subscription. This I'd a pretty major discount, even for subscription boxes. You select your dog size, and receive different items according to the size. I obviously selected the biggest option. But I fear that I will cancel after my three month groupon, and you'll see why.

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The contents of my February BarkBox with retail values:

Agave Pear Treats by Wet Noses ($1.99)- This package was pretty small, but also pretty cheap-ish. Frosty seemed to love the treats though. When I opened the package, he just started obsessively sniffing them. I may purchase these again, they seem good for training. Frosty still isn't trained fully yet and he's almost 11, kinda sad, I know.

Cheddar Treats by Wet Noses ($1.99)- Frosty seemed to like these just as much ad the agave pear ones.

Get Naked Dental Sticks ($7.99)- OMG Frosty absolutely lost it for these. He seemed to love them. I like that they have healthy ingredients like chia seeds infused in the sticks. The dental cleaning is a nice touch. Probably, my favorite thing in the box.

Fetch n' Floss by Pet Qwerks ($9.99)- At first Frosty had no idea what to do with this. He isn't used to soft or rubber toys since he is such a big dog. When I came home from class one day I little parts of this toy completely shredded up. I don't think this was meant for big dogs.

P:ECO the Penguin by Sprocket ($14.99)- The box said it was durable, and I made the unfortunate decision to trust that. At first, frosty was confused. On the same day as the fetch in floss, when I came home there was fluff scattered everywhere. Not meant for big dogs. (pics below).

The total value of this box is $36.95. This would be a great value, however the two top value items were completely wasted. I was disappointed because of that. We have to buy expensive nylon bones that take frosty awhile to destroy. I think BarkBox should make another box for even bigger dogs like frosty containing no soft toys. I'm gonna email them about that.

Update 2/28/13: When I emailed barkbox about the heavy duty box this is what they said:


I am so excited you asked! We are currently making a list of those who are interest in a “heavy chewers” BarkBox and we hope to be launching that very soon. :D Please send me your first and last name as well as the email you’d like to use and I would be more then happy to add you to this list.

Please let know if you need anything else, we are always here to help.

All the best,

How awesome is that?


Verdict: this box would be super awesome for smaller dogs who don't destroy toys.

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