Sunday, February 17, 2013

Peckish Box Review

I just recently heard about a new snack box called Peckish box and I decided to check it out at least for one time. I would compare this box to something like gobites, or graze because they send their very own snack mixes to you, they don't send snacks from other companies. They send three mixes per box, but the portions are about 4-5 times larger than graze or go bites. I figured I should at least try this once. You can choose to have your box delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
This box costs 15$ regularly, but your first box is discounted to 10. This is about the same price as graze considering the portions, so it is an okay value. By using a 50% coupon code, I got this box for only 5$! What a steal! But the contents of this box did not make me want to subscribe, and you'll see why.

The mixes I received in my box:

Cranberry Walnut Granola- This was probably my favorite thing out of the whole box, but that isn't saying much. This mix basically contained, some oats, walnuts, and walnuts, yeah basically the only things in the title. It tasted pretty ok, but I found the balance of the ingredients to be a bit off. The whole bag was about 90% oats with subtle hints of walnut and cranberry. I ended up eating the whole thing, but it wasn't THAT good at all.

Tropical Island- This was ok also. it was basically shredded coconut with dried mango and pin apple. Basically the same mix as the graze piƱa colada. The balance of this mix was also a little bit wonky. It very few pieces of mango and pineapple, I'm talking like 3 pieces of each. The bag was mostly shredded coconut. I wasn't impressed.

Peanocolate- This was exactly what it sounded like. Just peanuts and chocolate. I mean come on, JUST peanuts and chocolate. This was by far my least favorite thing in the box. It was completely unoriginal and was not interesting at ALL. I was very disappointed with this item in the box.

Verdict- This box didn't really hit it for me. I would not recommend subscribing. Graze is much better in my opinion because they offer a wide selection of mixes, most of them being unique. This box definitely has potential, but it needs to take a step up to compete with other subscription services.

*I am not paid to do reviews by Peckish, nor did I receive this box for free, I purchased it myself.